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Drawing Secrets Revealed - Basics

By Sarah Parks

Format: Book

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You’ll love this drawing book if:

  • You don’t know how to start drawing
  • You need direction in art concepts and techniques to draw a successful artwork
  • You want to refine your drawing skills

Everyone can learn to draw with this essential drawing resource from Sarah Parks. This book challenges the common misconception that you have to be born with artistic talent to be able to draw. With Sarah’s favorite techniques and materials you’ll learn everything you need to know to draw successfully and leave people saying “I didn’t know you were so talented!”
With this drawing resource you’ll learn the fundamentals for drawing portraits, the human form, landscapes, still lifes, and more. Follow 20+ demonstrations on proportion, value, scale, perspective, and shading. Gain a better grasp on materials like graphite pencils, charcoal, conte crayons, paper and several drawing tools like view finders, picture planes, sewing gauges and T-squares.

With Drawing Secrets Revealed – Basics you’ll:

  • Find techniques for achieving 3-D effects in your drawings
  • Develop your artistic eye by learning to refine the overall shape, structure, and details of the subjects around you
  • Draw dynamic figures and gain a better understanding of their basic structure

A Word from the Author

“More than just teaching you how to draw any one particular thing, the purpose of this book is to teach you how to draw anything you see. Anything. That requires a systematic, methodical approach to lay a
solid foundation with each concept building on the previous. If you take the time to learn and practice the concepts in this book diligently, you’ll find yourself able to draw pretty much anything you see around you, no matter how complicated, because you will know how to strip a composition down to its basics and then build on that.” –Sarah Parks

About the Author

As an artist, Sarah has always aimed to blend Impressionism with Classical Realism, especially when drawing and painting the human form, which is her favorite subject. Sarah feels she was born to be an artist, growing up in an artistic family where watercolor, ceramics and oil painting all cropped up in various branches. Earning her degrees of Art History and Studio Art from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, was but an introduction to the art world. As she continued to delve into painting, Sarah has observed how important solid drawing skills are to creating an excellent painting.


Chapter One: Getting Started
Chapter Two: Building Composition with Basic Shapes
Chapter Three: Blocking in and Shading—The Beginning & End of Your Drawing
Chapter Four: Understanding Relative Proportions
Chapter Five: Drawing the Human Form
Chapter Six: Drawing the Human Head
Chapter Seven: Incorporating Perspective in Drawing
Chapter Eight: Elements of Composition
Final Thoughts
About the Author

Author/Speaker/Editor Sarah Parks
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ISBN 13 9781440334405
Number Of Pages 128
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