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Drawing, Spring 2013 Digital Download

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You'll love this issue of Drawing if:

  • You want to learn more about drawing materials
  • You’re interested in portrait drawing
  • You’d like to draw your home and neighborhood

Each issue of Drawing provides working artists with information and inspiration regarding the foundation of all art: drawing. If you are an artist working in charcoal, graphite, Conté, or colored pencil, this is the magazine for you. This issue looks at multiple artists who take radically different approaches to the same subject—the landscape—and the wildly different outcomes that occur. It also examines a variety of drawing media that are available to artists and the results you can get from using those materials.
Highlights in the Spring 2013 issue of Drawing include:

  • Tips on How to Draw the Head in Perspective
  • Three Approaches to Contemporary Landscapes
  • The Winners of the Shades of Gray Competition

Building Materials
A sponsored guide to drawing materials.
  Demonstration: Modeling Through Form and Light
By Scott Waddell
When creating a portrait drawing, Scott Waddell pays constant attention to how light hits the changing surfaces of the model’s forms. In this demonstration the artist, an instructor at the Grand Central Academy of Art, explains the steps he takes to truthfully depict that relationship and bring his drawing to a satisfactory conclusion.
  The View From Here
By Austin R. Williams
The Conté drawings and watercolor paintings of Matthew Daub depict real places, but the artist manipulates these scenes in any way necessary to communicate his emotional experience of the landscape.
  Drawn From Nature
By Kenneth J. Procter
Marvin Saltzman paints in his North Carolina studio, but for inspiration, he travels—and draws—all around the world.
  Charles Ritchie—Reflections
By John A. Parks
This Maryland artist uses his home and neighborhood as the starting point for deeply personal drawings, journals, and prints.
  Drawing Materials 101
By Lauren Kirchner
Our survey course spells out the essential facts about graphite, charcoal, and colored pencil.
  Drawing Fundamentals: Introduction to Foreshortening—The Head
By Jon deMartin
Foreshortening is challenging, but by paying attention to the basic shapes that underlie complex forms, you can learn to believably represent these subjects as they twist and turn in space.
  Colored Pencil Noir
By Austin R. Williams
Joseph Crone, the winner of Drawing’s Shades of Gray Competition, uses black colored pencil to create cinematic drawings infused with mystery, madness, and melancholy.
  The World in Shades of Gray
Winners of Drawing’s 2012 competition.

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