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Drawing The Complete Course 2011

Format: Magazine

SKU# DB1100

Ever heard of a master drawing course for less than $15? We hadn't--until now!

Discover Drawing: The Complete Course, the new textbook-style special issue that just hit stores.

Better your artwork in any medium with a full course packed into our latest special-edition magazine.
This exciting new resource is brimming with essential instruction designed to whip your creative talents into professional-quality artwork.

Hone your skills
and broaden your technical repertoire using this new must-have resource from the editors at American Artist and drawing magazines.

Tackle new and exciting techniques with articles exploring still lifes, the sight-size method, and more!

Dive into your copy of this special issue to:

  • Strengthen your artwork and master critical skills with learn-to-draw lessons in the basic forms that underlie most representational art such as cubes, cylinders, and spheres.
  • Discover the refined processes of five top instructors--Daniel Graves, Rob Liberace, Sherrie McGraw, Anthony Ryder, and Susan Lyon share all.
  • Advance the detail of your compositions with in-depth instruction from Dan Gheno and Ephraim Rubenstein teaching the finer aspects of line and tone.
  • Create expressive and unique works of art using the foundation of technical skills this special issue provides.
  • Deepen the dimension of your figure drawings with sketching lessons in anatomy and learn how to use them to enhance your work.
  • Capture the mood and ambiance of your model when sketching from life with the guide that tells you how to be successful during these live sessions.
  • Transfer emotion to paper with tonal drawing--discover lessons in juxtaposition of relative values, seeing masses, and more.
  • Keep long-pose sketching energetic and lively with tips to prepare for and overcome challenges and improve your work.    

You don't even have to leave your home, take a master course at your own pace progressing from basic sketching skills to master instruction.

Order your copy of Drawing: the Complete Course today!

Brian-RileyWhat Drawing Magazine's Managing Editor, Brian Riley, has to say:
As we’ve often said in Drawing magazine, drawing is the foundation for all fine art media. The better your drawing skills get, the better, ultimately, you’ll be at creating works in oil, pastel, watercolor, etc. This special issue will help you build the foundation of your foundation, with tips for drawing both the figure and still-lifes.

SKU DB1100
Format Magazine

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