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Drawing, Winter 2008 Digital Download

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Our contemporary master draftsmen have much to teach us

Build your portfolio with all the insights present in this issue of the go-to drafters' resource, Drawing.

Further develop your skills and learn new techniques from the artists of today that have made proven them to be successful.

  • Reveal your story through detailed drawings that meld images from imagination as well as from on-site studies much like Canadian artist Tony Luciani.
  • Better understand your subject—look to drawings to clarify your impressions and further explore your subject with insight from Henry Casselli's work.
  • Honor the action line and gesture to suggest your subject's movements in the recent past, present, and future.
  • Deepen your understanding of anatomy with an in-depth look at drawing the neck effectively.
  • Learn from the masterpieces of Pablo Picasso and find out how to use his techniques in your own work.
  • Discover the artistic breakthroughs of Philip Pearlstein in an article recounting his detour away from the accepted standards of draftsmanship.
  • And more!

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