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Dusty Diablos eBook

Folklore, Iconography, Assemblage, Olé!

By Michael deMeng

Format: eBook

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You’ll Love This Mixed Media Art Book If:

  • You want to discover new mixed media art projects with a Latin American flair
  • You love the art of Latin America & want to try your own hand at popular art techniques
  • You’re searching for an art project that blend ancient folklore and colorful pop-culture

From Our Lady of Guadalupe to an altered Mexican-taxi dashboard, artist Michael deMeng combines old and new elements of Latin American art into his mixed media work. This eBook is filled with pages of exciting mixed media techniques and project ideas that are inspirational and easy to follow.

Step-by-step you’ll learn new approaches to mixed media art and you’ll hear from Michael as he shares his own personal anecdotes, stories and experiences with creating art and traveling to Latin America. Try your own hand at these mixed media art projects and painting techniques today. Just download your copy of Dusty Diablos to your computer and you’ll have all the instruction and helpful tips you’ll need to start creating.

In Dusty Diablos You’ll Learn:

  • Painting techniques for achieving a variety of effects and you get a tear-out collection of eight loteria game cards
  • How to make your own nicho (nook shrine), and bottle-cap Milagros
  • How to create a loteria (similar to BINGO) or a luche libra (wrestling mask)

Check Out This Excerpt from Dusty Diablos:

Techniques to Age Stuff in Less Than Five Hundred Years
  • 1. A wash with watered-down paint—covering the different objects gives a sense of unity.
  • 2. A painted transitional between the different objects also creates unity. I commonly do this with a verdigris color (though it could be any opaque color). For instance, I would add a little to the airplane and continue that color onto the license plate. This softens the edge between the objects and creates the illusion of their being unified. Typically, I do this with a dry brush to make it rougher in appearance and then do a light wash over that.
  • 3. Design patterns are another trick I use—running my little squiggle through the different objects. The pattern moving through various items gives the impression that the items are part of the same thing.
  • 4. Physical objects placed in the foreground of the disparate objects is another trick. Screen or mesh is a good example of this. By placing something like wire or mesh in the foreground it encapsulates the separate objects but visually holds them together. This could be done with wire, string, rope, basically anything that can be placed in front of the various objects.

A Word From the Author:

"I want to show you some of my favorite haunts and allow you to relive with me some of my most memorable adventures. I want to share some of my inspirations, experiences and creations associated with a place that has become part of my soul. Every artist needs to find a method to replenish creative juices, in my case, Oaxaca is where I go to drink from the artistic ’Fountain of Youth’." — Michael deMeng
Check out this free excerpt from Dusty Diablos: How to make new objects look rusty or blackened using rusting agents!

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SKU Y0864
Author/Speaker/Editor Michael deMeng
File/Trim Size 85 MB
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Format eBook
ISBN 13 9781440309625
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