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Drawing Gesture in Charcoal & Pastel DVD

By Craig Nelson

Format: DVD

SKU# T1551

A reference photo of a dancer allows Craig Nelson to emphasize gesture in a charcoal drawing and capture an exciting pose not possible with a live model. In this DVD workshop, Craig eases into the drawing by translating lines from his photo to his paper. He concentrates on angles and uses an imaginary grid and plumb lines to render a ghost drawing of his subject. You'll have continual access to Craig's reference photo as he works, allowing you to follow his interpretation of gesture. Craig adds facial features and shadows early in the process but plans for later changes. Craig offers tips for effective shading. He demonstrates multiple strokes, rubs in subtle gradients and contrasts deliberate variation in the hair with diffused uniformity in the background reflection. He polishes his darks with a kneaded eraser and a layer of chalk and charcoal whites. To finish the drawing, Craig perfects his lost and found edges. He both redefines outlines with dark charcoal pencil and blends away soft edges to create ambiguous transitions between the dancer’s hair and the background darks. He concludes the workshop with a self-review, helping you understand the final effects of his techniques and reviewing his original goals.

SKU T1551
Author/Speaker/Editor Craig Nelson
Shipping This product ships from Creative Catalyst Productions.
File/Trim Size 5 x 7
Format DVD
Runtime 60 minutes

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This product ships from Creative Catalyst Productions.

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