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Easy Beaded Jewelry

By Susan Ray and Sue Wilke

Format: Paperback


You’ll Love This Beaded Jewelry Book If:

  • You love making your own jewelry & are on the hunt for new projects that are fun,simple & feature beads
  • You want to try working with a variety of beads and are in need of expert guidance
  • You love the look of special beaded jewelry pieces but you hate spending too much money at fancy boutiques

Make a beaded bracelet that goes with your favorite dress, try a new beaded necklace that is unlike anything you’ve created before. With the more than 75 exciting beaded jewelry projects found in Easy Beaded Jewelry the choice is yours. Authors, and expert beaders, Susan Ray and Sue Wilke share their favorite tips and tricks for how to make beaded jewelry that is special and unique.

Learn how to work with a variety of beads in these start-to-finish projects complete with expert guidance, expert tips, beading techniques, and detailed pictures. Learn how you can recreate boutique-style pieces over the course of an afternoon, or just an hour! Easy Beaded Jewelry includes jewelry making techniques for how to make beaded bracelets, earrings, a necklace, anklets, chokers and much more. Susan and Sue cover the current jewelry market, the right components and tools you’ll need as well as profiles of other beading artists where they share their own tips for creating personalized pieces that pop. Learn to make jewelry with beautiful, elegant beads.

In Easy Beaded Jewelry You’ll Learn:

  • 75 beaded jewelry projects complete with valuable beaded jewelry techniques & design ideas
  • How to make a beaded necklace, bracelet, earrings, ankles and much more
  • Hints and tips for how to make jewelry in artist profiles from several beading experts

Check Out This Excerpt From Easy Beaded Jewelry:

Defining Your Style

Your sense of style—whether casual or formal, bold or subtle, simple or complicated—will reveal to you what types of designs in beaded jewelry will suit you best. For example, if you are tailored and classic, a pattern that will appeal to you is symmetrical with even repeats of beads and possibly a center focal bead or pendant.

Your clothing will also help you make design choices. If you usually wear business attire, such as a jacket with a blouse underneath, that symmetrical design would work well as a choker or in an 18" necklace. If instead you wear a shirt collar and want to have the necklace hang outside, a longer length would be more appropriate.

Most styles can be generalized into two main categories: casual or formal. You may be consistently one or the other, but everyone can be a combination of both. If you are a back-to- the-earth type or an at-home mom, then you may dress primarily casual, but may also be attracted to formal or even frilly when a special occasion arises.

Patterns can be divided into two categories: symmetrical and asymmetrical. Generally, formal designs tend to be a more symmetrical layout. Traditionally, you may find a center pendant or focal evenly balanced between the repeat of beads, graduated in size from large to small, front to back in the piece of jewelry. Asymmetry can add to a casual feel. There is balance in the piece, but the balance is not achieved by evenly mirroring the design.

A Word From the Authors:

"Just follow our lead. We know everyone learns best through ’play.’ We have tried to make the text a personal one-on-one. The tips, tricks and designers’ secrets take the guesswork out of any project. The book is packed with the best contemporary beaded jewelry, easy step-by-steps to follow and a behind-the-scenes look at the decisions necessary to mastering the art of stringing, even if you are a novice. All of the methodology is strung throughout as a journey of themes. Rather than textbook style, the lessons learned are taught through a series of simple tips that you will find on every page. Most projects can be finished in just one afternoon, and several can be completed in just one hour—just right for the busy crafters of today." — Susan Ray and Sue Wilke

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Additional Feature 150 color photos, 100 illustrations
Author/Speaker/Editor Susan Ray and Sue Wilke
File/Trim Size 8.25 x 10.875
Format Paperback
ISBN 13 9780873498951
Number Of Pages 144

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