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Elegant Knotted Jewelry

Techniques and Projects Using Maedeup

By Becky Meverden

Format: Paperback

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You’ll Love This Jewelry Making Book If:

  • You want to learn how to make knotted jewelry with the South Korean art of Maedeup
  • You want to learn the fundamentals of Maedeup alongside expert artist Becky Meverden
  • You love the history & art of South Korea and want to discover more

In Maedeup each knot has a different meaning that originated thousands of years ago. Each Maedeup piece is not only beautiful but sends a message to the recipient. Learn how to master 10 different basic knots step-by-step along with Becky Meverden in this exciting knotting jewelry book. With more than 30 projects you’re sure to find the right piece for your intended message. You might just find one that matches your personal style.

With these great tips and techniques for creating knotted jewelry, you’ll be creating pieces of your own in no time. Each project is affordable and easy to recreate. Achieve elegant results with the clear and welcoming instruction of Becky Meverden and learn how you can be a part of this thousands of years old tradition. This edition of Elegant Knotted Jewelry also includes a special foreward from Carol Duvall.

In Elegant Knotted Jewelry You’ll Learn:

  • 10 basic, fundamental jewelry knots using simple tools and knotting cord
  • 30 Maedeup jewelry projects, each showing you how to create affordable, easy & beautiful knotted jewelry pieces
  • The story behind this ancient South Korean art form that reaches back thousands of years

Check Out This Excerpt From Elegant Knotted Jewelry:

Maedeup Techniques

Dorae (doh-ray)
The dorae maedeup is also known as the double connection knot and looks like an X. This is the most widely used maedeup. It is commonly used to anchor other maedeup. I love this maedeup and how it looks, especially when used consecutively. It is my favorite because it was the very first maedeup I learned. My maedeup teacher told me that to get a baby to shake his head, Koreans say, "dorae, dorae, " and the baby will shake his head side to side.

Wae Dorae (way doh-ray)
This maedeup looks like the dorae maedeup, but it uses only one cord. It’s important to keep a tight grip on the cording when you are sliding it off your finger so it doesn’t become uncrossed. It will create an X when completed. I use it a lot when I need to anchor a bead on a cord.

Hapjong (hop-jahng)
The hapjong maedeup is also known as the snake knot. It represents happiness together and resembles fingers intertwined in prayer. There are a few Korean proverbs regarding snakes: "You’re adding legs to a snake" means you are making too much out of something, and "If you sing at night, a snake will appear" means to be quiet, which hearkens back to times when windows were open at night and walls were thin.

A Word From the Author:

"It is said that maedeup takes heart and soul to create. It is a demanding craft that requires concentration and discipline. Maedeup enables you to create art using nothing but cording, an awl and your fingers. Koreans use maedeup as a way to send wishes to loved ones: long life, wealth, protection and fertility. Korean maedeup has thirty-eight basic knots. They are symmetrical from side to side and identical from front to back. There are four steps to creating maedeup: dyeing the thread, making the cord (dahoe), constructing the maedeup and making the tassel (sul). Koreans believe maedeup keeps the mind sharp due to some of the complexity in creating the knots. Also, it is wonderful for dexterity. Your fingers are in constant motion when creating maedeup. Tightening the maedeup builds strength. It is a fantastic workout for your fingers." — Becky Meverden

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SKU Z2955
Author/Speaker/Editor Becky Meverden
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