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Elegant Knotted Jewelry eBook

Techniques and Projects Using Maedeup

By Becky Meverden

Format: eBook

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You’ll Love This Jewelry Making Book If:

  • You want to learn how to create jewelry pieces using the traditional South Korean art of Maedeup
  • You love creating knotted jewelry using Maedeup & want to try some new knots
  • You love South Korean culture and you want to learn more about this ancient art

For thousands of years artists have loved and perfected the art of Maedeup. Using knotting cord you can learn how to created knotted jewelry using this ancient technique. Expert Maedeup artist, Becky Meverden, shares her experiences created knotting art jewelry and shows you how to create 10 different jewelry knots in Elegant Knotted Jewelry.

With our convenient eBook format, you can instantly access every page, learning how to create a variety of jewelry pieces such as bracelets, necklaces & more. Get to know the Korean knotting art, creating upscale jewelry pieces using knotting cord through more than 30 step by step jewelry projects. Each project is affordable and easy to replicate in your own studio or home. Get stunning and elegant knotting jewelry results that echo the South Korean tradition of Maedeup. This edition also includes a special foreword by Carol Duvall.

In Elegant Knotted Jewelry You’ll Learn:

  • How to complete 10 different jewelry knots using knotting cord & other simple tools
  • How to make more than 30 affordable, approachable & amp; elegant Maedeup jewelry projects
  • The history behind this South Korean knotting art that originated thousands of years ago

Check Out This Excerpt From Elegant Knotted Jewelry:

Folds and Ruffles

It would be very upsetting to get halfway through a project and find out you don’t have enough cording. When beginning your own jewelry designs, start by creating a sketch, using symbols for the maedeup (see the example sketch, at right, for the necklace on page 17). Use the chart on page 17 as a guide to calculate the amount of cording needed for the necklace. First, decide what diameter cording you will use. For this sample, I used 2mm cording. Next, total each type of maedeup used: 6 yeonbong, 18 dorae, 8 hapjong and 2 garakji. Then multiply the total number of each maedeup by the coordinating lengths in the chart:
6 × 2¼" = 13½" (6 × 5.7cm = 34.2cm)
18 × 13⁄8" = 24¾" (18 × 3.5cm = 63cm)
8 × 7⁄8" = 7" (8 × 2.2cm = 17.8cm)
2 × 4¾" = 9½" (2 × 12.1cm = 24.2cm). The total cording needed for the maedeup alone is 54¼" (137.8cm).

Next, total the non-maedeup part of the necklace: ½" + 1" + 3½" + ½" = 5.5" × 2 (both sides of the necklace) + ½" (focal bead length) for a total of 11½" (1.3cm + 2.5cm + 8.9cm + 1.3cm = 14cm + 2 + 1.3cm = 29.3cm). Added to the maedeup total, this gives you a total of 66¾" (167.1cm). I always add an extra 18 inches to 2 feet to be on the safe side. This necklace uses two lengths of cording, so for extra insurance add 36" (18" for each cord). The total amount of cording needed for this necklace is 102¾".

A Word From the Author:

"The only way to master maedeup is through practice. The more you practice, the more you will improve. I can’t tell you how many times my Korean maedeup instructor undid my work because I had made a mistake or it wasn’t up to her standards. When you first begin to learn maedeup, use two different colored cords. This will make it easier to see the path of the maedeup. When working with two cords, knot them together before you begin the maedeup. You can switch over to one color of cording when you have mastered the maedeup." — Becky Meverden

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