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Elements of Form Download

By Kenneth Vloothuis

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Join Ken for a rigorous study on the elements of form, of what makes something appear the way it does through the intense study of the components in light and shadow. Ken refers largely to Sargent’s method of simplifying the complexity of what you see into practical paint-able terms. In this webinar series he analyzes each of the following elements and absolutely everything implied therein:

1) Highlight or light accent
2) Light
3) Local tone
4) Halftone
5) Shadow (core and cast)
6) Reflected light
7) Dark accent

Ken also cuts through all the confusion and clichés involved in the very controversial field of study of color temperature, and its subtle transitions as well as discussing alternative theories through the usage of painting demos. This highly recommended course is a preliminary for future courses in landscape, still life, and most particularly in the challenging study of portraiture; for the artist, to have a practical theory or approach to painting form, is as necessary as the scientific method is to the scientist.

SKU U6482
Author/Speaker/Editor Kenneth Vloothuis
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