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Encaustic Mixed Media eBook

Innovative Techniques and Surfaces for Working With Wax

By Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch

Format: eBook

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Rusting and burning, carving and spackling, tarring and flocking: These are just a few of the unique and surprising techniques author Patricia "Trish" Baldwin Seggebruch shares with you in Encaustic Mixed Media

New to encaustic? With Trish leading the way, you can start today! And if you've dabbled in encaustic before, the creative approach and new materials and techniques used in this book will blow you away!

Encaustic Mixed Media includes:

  • Unexpected art supplies: From the hardware store to the art supply store, author Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch shatters the conventions of what are and are not art supplies. Shellac? Yes. Tar? Sure. Patching plaster? Of course! But it doesn't stop there. You'll mix these unexpected materials with some others that are a tad more traditional, like decorative papers, and pastels.
  • Embellishment mini-demos: Why use ordinary, everyday embellishments when you can make cool ones yourself? Gluemolded structural elements and fire-treated papers and plastics: These are just a few of the unique embellishments you'll learn to create.
  • Visual inspiration:Savor amazing combinations of color, texture and technique. Dozens of gallery pieces throughout the book will make you want to get started right away!

Encaustic Mixed Media presents a plethora of unique techniques and materials and just the right amount of expertise; you'll find beauty and surprises on every page. Add Encaustic Mixed Media to your creativity toolbox and expand your artistic horizons today!

About the Author

Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch is a mixed media artist specializing in the art of encaustic painting and author of Encaustic Workshop. She teaches workshops and gives demonstrations throughout the country and has won several awards for her work. Patricia's work has been featured in cloth paper scissors, the Daniel Smith Reference Catalog and New Art International 2006/2007 Edition.

SKU W7550
Author/Speaker/Editor Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch
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Format eBook
ISBN 13 9781440320651
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