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Experimental Painting eBook

Inspirational Approaches for Mixed Media Art

By Lisa L. Cyr

Format: eBook

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You’ll Love This Mixed Media eBook If:

  • You love exploring new & exciting mixed media techniques
  • You want to add 2-D and 3-D elements to your painting
  • You want to break out of your creative comfort zone
Play, create, paint & more along with Lisa L. Cyr in Experimental Painting. Learn new and exciting mixed media techniques & projects that will bring new life into your painting. These lessons & tutorials are great for beginning mixed media artists as well as more experienced mixed media artists looking to explored new artistic avenues.

In this follow-up to the popular mixed media book, Art Revolution, Lisa L. Cyr brings you 12 step-by-step demonstrations and 3 feature demonstrations from start to finish. Learn how to freeform paint, make custom tools and build dimensional effects on your surface. Discover great tips for working with resists, blotting, lifting and dissolving. Attempt free form painting and paper treatments and finishes.

In Experimental Painting You’ll Learn:

  • How to transform surfaces using mixed media techniques
  • How to use unconventional tools, materials & processes to create something new
  • How to use creative self-promotional strategies to market yourself & your art

A Word From the Author:

"Experimental Painting investigates exploratory methodologies, techniques and approaches in mixed-media art. Throughout the book, many in-depth demonstrations are featured, documenting cuttingedge mixed-media painting processes from concept to final execution. To offer an extensive array of visually stimulating possibilities for artists to explore, both two-dimensional and three-dimensional techniques are covered in a range of subject matter. Conceptual and thematic approaches include using symbolism, metaphor and allegory, incorporating pluralism and nonlinear storytelling, utilizing automatism and freeform painting, and employing costuming, props and theatrical settings." — Lisa L. Cyr

Check Out This Excerpt From Experimental Painting:

Developing Personal Content Through Journaling
Experiencing the world through the act of journaling produces an authentic perspective. As an active observer, the artist establishes a direct sensory connection with a subject, event or place that cannot be replicated using reference photography alone. The recording of sights, sounds, smells and tactile sensations captures the spirit of what has transpired in a way that is passionate, emotionally driven and vividly compelling. While working in a journal, an artist is able to make connections between the disparate influx of information and stimuli that surrounds everyday life. Whether a ranting of the day's activities or a detailed recitation of a sustained engagement, journal entries provide insight from real life experiences, shedding light on ideas that may have been percolating in the subconscious for years.

Wherever I go, I always keep a journal with me. Sometimes I'll write about a magnificent sunset that I've experienced or I may detail the day I spent walking with my daughter telling stories triggered by the engaging sights, sounds and smells that surrounded us. These collective literary snapshots are later expanded upon in the making of my paintings. The dynamic interplay of observation and imagination makes for intriguing picture making.

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SKU W7554
Author/Speaker/Editor Lisa L. Cyr
File Type PDF
Format eBook
ISBN 13 9781440320699

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