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Fast & Fun Landscape Painting with Donna Dewberry eBook

By Donna Dewberry

Format: eBook

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You’ll Love This Landscape Painting eBook If:

  • You love to paint landscapes and you want to learn more about working in acrylic paint
  • You want great painting instruction from expert artist & teacher Donna Dewberry
  • You want to paint quick, easy & fun landscapes to decorate your home

With this eBook from Donna Dewberry you’ll get straight to painting fun and simple landscape paintings. Each chapter details a different landscape or flower composition, showing you how you can have fun and create great landscape art in just a few easy steps. Donna Dewberry shares her distinctive style and personal touch to each composition, helping you create fantastic wall art that’s all your own. You don’t have to be a serious painter or have spent hours studying techniques in order to have fun and paint. You can learn how to paint a landscape in no time with this easily downloadable PDF format.

With this eBook you can relax, experiment and paint interesting landscapes without getting bogged down in complicated theory. Complete a total landscape scene in just an hour by using sponges for the ground and sky, and a double-loaded brush for trees, foliage and flowers. Learn how to paint easily displayable pieces that stretch across multiple landscapes, making any wall in your home a work of art.

In the Fast & Fun Landscape Painting with Donna Dewberry eBook You’ll Learn:

  • How to paint flowers, trees, foliage & other landscape elements such as mountains and water
  • How to paint fun and simple landscapes without hours of technical theory & study
  • Tips for painting landscapes using sponges, double-loaded brushes, multiple canvases & creating pieces that will look great hanging on any wall

A Word From the Author:

"I have always had a passion for painting but viewed what I painted as more craft than art. When I began my journey into landscapes, I began to feel more like the traditional definition of an “artist.” Sometimes the colors and designs still remind me of my decorative painting, but the perspective I can achieve seems much more artistic. The textures possible with the High Definition paints lends to the feeling of true oil painting. Now each time I approach my easel I find myself willing to paint something new and different. Even though I may not master it immediately I am comfortable in touching my brush or palette knife to the canvas and attempting to paint what I see." — Donna Dewberry

Check Out This Excerpt From Fast & Fun Landscape Painting with Donna Dewberry:

Painting on Multiple Canvases
Landscape painting lends itself especially to expansive designs that cover two, three, and even for canvasses! Depending on the size and shape of the canvases you choose, there are many ways to arrange them to make a bold statement and an impressive display. Two 18 x 24-inch (.46m x .69m) canvases can be placed side-by-side and turned vertically for a large area, or horizontally for a wide area, such as over a sofa. Three 16-inch (.34m) square canvases placed side-by-side horizontally are great for panoramic scenes of the ocean and would look wonderful over a fireplace mantelpiece. Four of the square canvases arranged in a large square will give a fresh and contemporary look to any home décor. Framing is not needed for any of these display ideas—the canvases have finished edges onto which you can continue the painting, giving your artwork "gallery" style.

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SKU Z6500
Author/Speaker/Editor Donna Dewberry
File Type PDF
Format eBook
ISBN 13 9781440302480
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