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French Beaded Flowers The Complete Guide

By Zoe L. Schneider

Format: Spiral

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You’ll Love This Beading Project Book If:

  • You want to try French beading for the first time
  • You love beading jewelry & want to create more floral pieces
  • You want to learn new beading techniques for creating different flower projects

Learn the basics of French beading with this comprehensive guide from Zoe L. Schneider. Step by step you’ll learn new beading techniques for creating floral projects of all kinds.

Each French beading project shows you new tips for creating jewelry, embellishments, floral arrangements and home accents. In addition to clear instruction and helpful tips you’ll also get great charts and spreadsheets in order to guide you through every step. Hear about the background of French beading, supplies and the right way to care for these delicate pieces in French Beaded Flowers The Complete Guide

In French Beaded Flowers The Complete Guide You’ll Learn:

  • Step-by-step projects for creating floral arrangements, jewelry, party favors, embellishments and more using beads
  • Fundamental techniques for basic floral design, how to select beads and the right colors for your project
  • Background information on the history of French beading, aesthetic preferences and tips for conservation and care

Check Out This Excerpt from French Beaded Flowers The Complete Guide:

Outlining is used in French beading to add definition to a leaf or petal, separating one unit from another within clearly defined areas of space. Outlining guides the viewer’s eyes around one petal or leaf to the next. There are two methods used to outline a Basic’s margin. The first method is to make a Basic using strung beads with a single color for the interior area of the Basic. After the interior is beaded, slide the strung beads down the wire and measure how much wire will be needed to complete the Basic’s margin.

Snip the wire at that measurement and string the outline beads onto the wire. Then, complete the Basic pattern. Twist the unit support wires securely.

The second method is to use one color of strung beads for the interior and complete the pattern for the Basic, except for the last row. End the Basic, then take the second color of strung beads and secure it to the top of the basic bottom loop of the BF by wrapping the wire one to two times around the wire. Then, make the last row of the Basic with the outline beads, beading in the same direction that the beads were going for the previous rows. Twist the unit support wires securely. This technique increases the number of unit support wires. These may need to be reduced prior to flower assembly. In the pattern section of this book, a pattern that applies the outline technique will reference it under the heading "Additional." The pattern will provide the color and the bead count for the outline on a unit.

A Word From the Author:

" It is my sincerest hope that this guide will be a functional, applied tool that will assist each bead artist in expanding their beading techniques to create beautiful French beaded objects of art." — Zoe L. Schneider
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SKU Z4979
Author/Speaker/Editor Zoe L. Schneider
File/Trim Size 5.625 x 7.625
Format Spiral
ISBN 13 9781440203695
Number Of Pages 256

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