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By Michael Wilcox

Format: Paperback

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You’ll love this book if:

  • You are interested in learning about historical methods and techniques
  • You are a fan of the works by Michael Wilcox

Improve your oil paintings with glazing techniques made simple!

From the author Michael Wilcox:

“Early Masters such as Rembrandt applied multiple layers of transparent paint to produce the deep, glowing hues and darks which typified their work; darks which seethed with hidden colour.
The range of rich hues employed by these earlier painters gave a mysterious depth and intensity to their work, a richness and luminosity which only the glazing techniques can give.
The aim of this book is to equip today’s artist with the technique of glazing developed by the Masters. Lessons from the past brought fully up to date.”

When a transparent colour lies over another colour differing from it, a compound colour is composed which it differs from each other of the simple colours.” -Leonardo da Vinci

Begin by painting your shadows thinly, be careful not to let white insinuate itself into them; it is the poison of a picture except in the lights: if white be once allowed to dull the perfect transparency and golden warmth of your shadows, your colouring will no longer be glowing, but heavy and gray.

The case is different in regards to the lights; in them the colours may be loaded as much as may be thought requisite
.” -Peter Paul Rubens

About the Author

Michael Wilcox has experienced a wide and varied background, which has included periods as a professional artist, a conservator of art works and an engineer.

The support
The ground
The under-drawing
The under-painting
Over painting
The pigments
The paint film
The color filter
The color swatches
Glazing with oil paints- additives
Applying the paint
Discolouration of the paint film
Alkyd as the binder
The Guilds

SKU T6081
Author/Speaker/Editor Michael Wilcox
File/Trim Size 8.5 x 11
Format Paperback
ISBN 13 9780646913209
Number Of Pages 308

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