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GRAFF Color Master

Freestyle Color Techniques for GRAFFITI Art

By Scape Martinez

Format: Paperback

SKU# U1465

You’ll Love This Graffiti Art Book If:

  • You want to learn how to incorporate color into your graffiti art
  • You want visual inspiration from another graffiti artist
  • You’re a beginner graffiti artist and need to know techniques and color basics

GRAFF Color Master by Scape Martinez is full of stunning visuals and inspiration for those looking to fill walls, canvas, or paper with their graffiti art. This book is an essential resource for anyone seeking graffiti color schemes or techniques to add a new dimension to their art. Scape begins with color basics, covering the essential tools and theory necessary to create hue-filled masterpieces. A myriad of illustrations help inform his explanation of the basics, and provide eye candy for aspiring graffiti artists to gaze upon in admiration.

The demonstrations provided in this book break down color techniques into step-by-step instruction, allowing you to see the individual elements that make up each of Scape’s pieces. Each demonstration provides a color palette, original sketch, and information about the canvas to fully inform the process. Get ready for a barrage of colorfully detailed graffiti inspiration with GRAFF Color Master.

In GRAFF Color Master You’ll Find:

  • 12 demonstrations, or visual & instructional examples, of Scape’s graffiti art pieces
  • Advice for using color in art for indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Visual aids for color use, from color wheels & charts to examples of various spray paint caps

About Scape Martinez:

Born in Newark, New Jersey, and now living in San Jose, California, Scape Martinez has been creating art since childhood. He fell in love with graffiti art in his early teens. He authored the bestselling GRAFF: The Art & Technique of Graffiti (2009) and GRAFF 2: Next Level Graffiti Techniques (2011) detailing the styles and techniques of the often misunderstood art form. Scape has a remarkable gift for illustrating and articulating abstract thoughts and issues, and he frequently gives educational lectures on creativity and graffiti art’s place in society. He has done public art projects for the city of San Jose, created murals for various schools and universities, and frequently shows his artwork in many galleries and settings. Scape continues to push the boundaries of graffiti art as well as his own unique form of artistic expression.

SKU U1465
Author/Speaker/Editor Scape Martinez
Format Paperback
ISBN 13 9781440328299
Number Of Pages 128

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Unique look at graffiti and how to mix colors Review by Sarah L.

Scape is a super stylized graff artist based in California and his teaching emphasizes legal graffiti and street art. His 3rd book is full of inspiring lessons on how to add unique color to your work. He encourages us to throw out the old rules and follow our instincts to create unique color combinations that defy the old school norms. This book is a great companion to his previous two books which focus more on basic technique and lettering.

(Posted on 1/22/2014)

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