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How to Paint Living Portraits

By Roberta Carter Clark

Format: Paperback

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You'll Love This Portrait Painting Book If:

  • You love painting portraits & want to learn new techniques & tips
  • You want to paint along with expert artist step-by-step
  • You want to learn how to paint portraits of a wide range of ages and ethnicities
This best-selling art book by expert painter, Roberta Carter Clark, has become a portrait painting staple for many artists. Now How to Paint Living Portraits is back in print and offers the same great advice as well as new portrait painting techniques and updated painting demonstrations.

Watch as Roberta shares her tricks for adding new life to your portraits. Using charcoal, oil and watercolor, Roberta achieves a variety of moods and effects using simple and complex lighting. In addition to exciting portrait painting techniques How to Paint Living Portraits includes 5 step-by-step portrait demonstrations and 23 exercises for mastering the face, feature by feature. Roberta Carter Clark has more than 50 years of painting experience, and she brings it to every page of this portrait painting book. She is truly a valuable resource for painters looking to advance their craft. Her technical expertise on color and composition and advice on working with a live model will change the way you approach portraiture.

In How to Paint Living Portraits You'll Learn:

  • How to paint better portraits in charcoal, oil and watercolor
  • Tips and techniques for painting the human figure, hands, hair and clothing
  • How to avoid common mistakes portrait painters make such as mixing the right colors

A Word from the Author:

"I'm hoping that you have had some previous experience in drawing and painting before tackling this book. To learn the use of charcoal, oil and watercolors by painting people is a most difficult task, and as a beginner, you may lay down your tools in frustration. However, once you've had some success with faces you may never again find the same sort of excitement depicting landscapes and still life.

If you can achieve a recognizable image in charcoal and understand something about mixing and applying colors, you will gain a great deal from this book. Just remember, no one is born knowing, how to paint a portrait. Each of us has to learn — by studying, thinking and working. If you have the desire, you will surely learn, too." — Roberta Carter Clark

Check Out This Free Exercise From How to Paint Living Portraits:

When drawing the head, it's important to know what to look for even before you have a model. Here you'll find methods of constructing the head and for accurately drawing proportions for heads from babyhood to old age. Draw the diagrams again and again until you can do them with ease. Copy the diagrams at first, then draw from imagination. Don't use mechanical devices; try to train your eye to judge relationships. Think about what you're doing.

You'll need a pen or pencil, paper, kneaded eraser, and ruler (also graph paper, if you wish) for these exercises. For a change of pace, you may want to draw the proportional divisions you'll work with here over photographs of heads in magazines. This should help carry you from the idealized proportions you'll learn here to actual ones of real people of all ages. You'll be amazed at the variety you'll find.

Since the most basic way to get a likeness is in profile, we'll begin with that. The drawings you'll study are based on 2-inch (5cm) squares, each divided into four 1-inch (3cm) squares. On your paper, make several squares in ink (or use graph paper), and chart the heads on them in pencil. In actuality, the life-size head of a six-foot (2m) tall male make would measure 9 inches (23cm) from the top of the skull to the bottom of the chin, and 9 inches (23cm) from the tip of the nose to the back of the skull.

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SKU Z7064
Additional Feature 350 Black & White Illustrations, 100 Color Illustrations
Author/Speaker/Editor Roberta Carter Clark
File/Trim Size 10.875 x 8.25
Format Paperback
ISBN 13 9781440303937
Number Of Pages 160

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