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How to Paint Watercolor Portraits the Easy Way

By Luana Luconi Winner

Format: Video

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You’ll love this portrait painting video if:

  • You are struggling with painting realistic watercolor portraits
  • You want to learn how to paint portraits
  • You are a fan of Luana Luconi Winner

Painting watercolor portraits just got easier with this easy-to-follow video lesson from Luana Luconi Winner. Learn to create beautifully depicted portraits feature-by-feature with helpful tips and techniques for painting realistic eyes, noses, mouths, ears, and hair. Along the way, Luana will teach you how to master the challenges of perspective that will turn an average painting into a creation of a master. Finally, watch how a watercolor painting comes to life as Luana demonstrates painting a portrait of a young woman.

In How to Paint Watercolor Portraits the Easy Way you’ll find:

  • Easy techniques for mastering challenging facial features
  • Watercolor painting techniques including wet-into-wet, using watercolor pencils, lifting color, layering and more
  • Color mixing techniques for matching hair and skin tones

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About the Artist
Award-winning portrait artist Luana Luconi Winner has painted portraits and murals that hang in private collections, corporations, universities and residences on both sides of the Atlantic. She works in multiple mediums, from pastels and sketches to watercolors and oils. Her work and classes and workshops can be found at her website,
Cold-pressed paper (140- or 300-lb)

(Luana uses Winsor Newton or Sennelier)
Alizarin Crimson) or Crimson Lake)
Cadmium Red (or Vermillion)
Cerulean Blue
Cobalt Blue
Hooker’s Green
Raw Sienna
Rose Red
Ultramarine Blue
Winsor Red
Winsor Violet
Yellow Ochre

no. 10 rounds
¾-inch oval
2-inch wash

Paper towels
Water pen
Water containers (2)
Watercolor pencils (variety of colors)
Cotton swabs


Author/Speaker/Editor Luana Luconi Winner
File Type MP4
Format Video
Runtime 122 minutes
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How to Paint Watercolor Portraits the Easy Way DVD

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