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Incite 2 Color Passions

The Best of Mixed Media

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You’ll love this mixed-media art book if:

  • You like to admire other talented artists’ work
  • You’re looking for art inspiration for your own mixed-media projects
  • You liked Incite, and are looking for even more mixed-media art and inspiration

Delve into an entirely new world of mixed-media art inspiration with Incite 2, Color Passions edited by Tonia Jenny, and discover how color can not only influence art, but how use of color in art can in turn influence others. With over 100 examples of mixed-media art, this inspirational compilation presents six primary ways color is used, and the included examples demonstrate these.

Color can be used to express emotion, is used to develop a work’s composition, plays a large role in memory and an artist’s process, sends a message to the viewer, and tells a story. In the artwork presented in this inspirational edition, you’ll discover how each of these six themes is presented among each work. In addition to the representation of color in these works, each artist shares their artistic vision for the pieces they created.

In Incite 2, Color Passions you’ll find:

  • 100+ examples of mixed-media art inspired by and representing use of color
  • Examples of encaustic, digital art, collage, painting, fiber arts, book arts, and more
  • Words from top artists such as Marty Husted and more

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A word from the author:

“In this edition, we have focused on the importance of color in our lives and in our art. What I learned from the artists here is that not only are most artists passionate about color, but it really has an impact on making art in a variety of ways.” —Tonia Jenny

About the author:
Tonia Jenny is the acquisitions editor and senior content developer for North Light Mixed Media. A mixed-media artist and jewelry designer herself, Tonia has authored three North Light books: Frame It!, Plexi Class and Duct Tape Discovery Workshop. When she's not busy making art, cooking, reading or exploring new ways of looking at the world, you can find her on Facebook and Instagram.

Color Passions

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