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Inner Excavation eBook

Explore Your Self Through Photography, Poetry and Mixed Media

By Liz Lamoreux

Format: eBook

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You’ll Love This Mixed Media Creativity eBook If:

  • You want to explore your inner creative self with new exercises and prompts
  • You love learning to ways to incorporate mixed media, photography & poetry into your art journaling or art projects
  • You love the instruction & welcoming personality of Liz Lamoreux

Create a self-portrait that delves deep into your creative spirit, bringing sounds, textures, memories and passions together in new & unexpected ways. Create intimate pieces of mixed media art that express who you are through a combination of photography, poetry and mixed media. Even if you’ve never written a verse of poetry in your life, soon you’ll find yourself tapping into that inner poetic voice. This eBook will show how to make a self-portrait in a whole new way.

When you go on a journey of self-discovery along with Liz Lamoreux you’ll learn great new photography techniques, mixed media projects & project prompts along the way. Creative self-portraits reveal our inner selves, in Inner Excavations Liz & eleven inspiring artists challenge you to go deeper.

In the Inner Excavation eBook You’ll Learn:

  • How to layer& combine words with art in order to create a true self-portrait
  • Tips & techniques for helping you to express who you are through art
  • How to explore and capture a particular moment through mixed media and photography
A Word From the Author:
" You will find that the chapters are divided into three areas of focus: photography, poetry and mixed media. Note that the photography and poetry sections throughout the book open with prompts. With each of these prompts, there might be an obvious connection to the theme of the chapter, the prompt might provide another tool to add to your creative toolbox, or the exercise might simply push you to get out of your head and take some action. The goal of all the prompts and exercises in this book is for you to have fun as you use your creative journey to reveal more about who you are. " — Liz Lamoreux

Check Out This Excerpt From Inner Excavation:

Delving into the Quiet: A Personal Practice
Each day, I try to bring moments of quiet and ritual into my life. Many mornings, I begin the day with a cup of tea and a lit candle, then I write a few pages in my journal and then stretch and breathe my way into the day with a few yoga poses. When dusk arrives early in the fall and winter, I light candles throughout the house to bring in the light. While I light these candles, I think of people in my life and send out blessings to them. These moments are part of my personal practice and act as bookends to the ebb and flow of my days.

The quiet of these moments also invites a balance in my life. When I am writing just to let the thoughts escape my very chatty brain or stretching my body to awaken it, I am not running ahead to the next project, blog post, idea. When you are in the habit of pushing yourself to unearth the reasons and feelings behind where you are on your path, you also need to give yourself the gift of the quiet, the rest, the repetition of comfort and self-care.

I invite you to think about the things you already do that make up your personal practice. Maybe you write morning pages as prescribed by Julia Cameron in The Artist’s Way. Maybe you go for a daily walk or take a break in the middle of the day with a book and cup of tea. Perhaps you run or practice yoga. Think about what you already do that is part of your practice. Think about what you might like to add to a daily practice.

Check out this free excerpt from Inner Excavation: How to use a camera to photograph the everyday moments of your life!

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SKU W0847
Additional Feature 200 color illus, 10 b&w illus
Author/Speaker/Editor Liz Lamoreux
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ISBN 13 9781440313486
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