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Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams eBook

Mixed Media Projects in Epoxy Clay

By Kerin Gale

Format: eBook

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You’ll Love This Mixed Media Clay Project Book If:

  • You love creating mixed media art & want to know more about working with epoxy clay
  • You want to learn mixed media techniques for how to make jewelry, art, décor, accessories and more
  • You love the artistic and instructional style of Kerin Gale

Combine mixed media elements in new & different ways in order to create dimensional art pieces in Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams. Kerin Gale goes in-depth into the versatile mixed media tool—epoxy clay. With these great mixed media techniques and tips you’ll have the building blocks of mixed media art success. Epoxy clay is a versatile material, perfect for creating realistic molds, joining disparate objects as a construction tool, and much more.

The Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams eBook features exciting step by step mixed media projects including how to make jewelry, a lighting fixture, accessories, decorative art pieces, a mirror and more using epoxy clay. You’ll also learn how to make unexpected pieces such as an evening bag and an aquarium. Kerin Gale covers the basics of working with epoxy clay including materials, techniques and safety.

In the Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams eBook You’ll Learn:

  • How to make clay molds using virtually any object
  • How to make epoxy jewelry, lighting fixtures, decorative art, and other nontraditional pieces from epoxy clay
  • How to create aged finishes using paint and how to make your own tool for texturizing clay
A Word From the Author:
"There is a wide range of projects in this book, but the focus for each is truly on the clay and its wonderful uses and options. There are plenty of books on beading, fiber art, sculpting clay and the like, so I will leave in-depth instruction for those categories to those books. Here, it’s all about the clay, and I have plenty to share with you on that!" — Kerin Gale

Check Out This Excerpt From Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams:

Epoxy Clay and Silicone—A Great Match!
As you can guess from the title, the main ingredient in making all of the projects in this book is the clay. So, what the heck is epoxy clay? It is a two-part art material—clay and hardener—in which equal amounts are mixed together. It’s sold under several brand names and has many different formulas—some of which are toxic. There are two companies that sell most of the art-grade epoxy clay—Magic Sculp and Aves Studio. Aves Studio is my preferred supplier because in researching brands and formulas, I’ve found that it is the safest to use. Aves Studio doesn’t call their clay "epoxy" because they wish to differentiate it from the other formulas available, so they use the name "Apoxie" instead. They have numerous formulas used for many applications—even taxidermy! In this book we’ll focus on using only two of their formulas: Fixit Sculpt and Apoxie Sculpt.

Another product that is used extensively in this book also comes in two parts that are mixed together to activate— silicone rubber, which we’ll use to create molds from all kinds of objects. Epoxy clay is perfect to use with these molds. There are far more companies making silicone rubber than I can possibly list here. I like to use Silputty formulas made by Silpak for several reasons. Silpak offers many kinds of silicone with different properties, they sell in large quantities (which is great for teaching workshops), and their staff is very helpful.

One of the main Silpak silicone formulas I use, Silputty 40, is somewhat toxic; however, it has a long cure (working) time, which is essential for making molds of larger objects. One frustrating thing about many silicone-mold formulas is that they can set up before you are done trying to get your impression. So, for me, it is worth it to be able to make the larger molds with a putty consistency. You can bet if a safer, less-toxic formula comes out that has a long setup time, I’ll be using that one!

There are more fluid types of silicone that can be applied to your object with a brush, but, as a beginner, you probably want to start with putty formulas that mix together just like the epoxy clay. Please note that, in actuality, there are numerous types of rubber mixtures, and they cure in various ways, so it can get a bit confusing. For our purposes, whatever brand you use, you’ll want to use RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanizing) two-part silicone putty—preferably one where you mix equal parts of A and B together. It’s also the official silicone putty of the planet Vulcan—Live Long and Prosper.

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SKU W1322
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