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Introduction to Acrylics Bundle

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Get started in acrylics with this digital collection of acrylic painting resources! Explore the resources included in this bundle:

Acrylic Solutions [eBook]

Chris Cozen and Julie Prichard share more than 30 step-by-step mixed media acrylic painting lessons in this informative and fun book of acrylic and mixed media techniques. Start with the basics then move on to more advanced approaches with the great layering and composition techniques found here. Create mixed media pieces filled with abstract shapes and interesting combinations from start to finish.

Getting Started in Acrylics [DIGITAL DOWNLOAD COLLECTION]

Learn more about acrylics with this digital download collection of materials that introduce the basic tools and materials and the techniques through step-by-step demonstrations and video. This collection includes a video download demonstration with painter Merle Rosen about acrylic materials and techniques for expressive painting; a PDF step-by-step download on layering transparent color in acrylics from Bob Rohm's book "The Painterly Approach;" plus a PDF "mediapedia" guide to the basics from The Artist's Magazine.

Acrylic Painting: Color, Texture and Value [VIDEO DOWNLOAD]              

Based on finding solutions to common acrylic painting questions, follow Chris’ exercises to add success and excitement to your acrylic painting experience! Lessons cover tools and materials, adjusting color and value, working with texture, unifying a painting and more. Have fun experimenting with your acrylic paints today!

Basic Acrylic Painting Tips & Techniques [VIDEO DOWNLOAD]

In this exciting basic acrylic painting video demonstration, Mark Mehaffey provides a comprehensive introduction to acrylic painting. Learn to paint with acrylics with all the basic acrylic painting tips and techniques you'll need in order to get great results. Mark brings his many years of expertise to each demonstration and lesson of acrylic painting for beginners. He covers basic blending, stamping, scraping, scumbling techniques and much more.

Covering beginner acrylic panting techniques, Mark creates a landscape scene & shares his methods for working with acrylic viscosities and mediums. With this essential acrylic painting video you'll learn everything you need to know to make the most of your acrylic painting materials. Download this video to your laptop or desktop and you'll be ready to start learning, painting and creating.

SKU W8632-Z9891-U2814-V7111-BUNDLE
Format Bundle

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