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Journal Spilling eBook

Mixed-Media Techniques for Free Expression

By Diana Trout

Format: eBook

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You’ll Love This Mixed Media Art Journaling eBook If:

  • You want to learn more about art journaling in a welcoming & judgement-free setting
  • You love your art journal & you want to learn more about introducing new medium to your work
  • You want to start your first art journal & aren’t sure where to start

Journal Spilling encourages you to throw off your restrictions, overcome your fears and try something new in your art journaling. Diana Trout shows you how to bring art journaling and art making into your day to day life. While it may seem impossible, you too can enjoy art every day through small parts, exercises & open ended prompts.

Explore various paths that feature watercolor, resists, inks, transfers and much more. Diana’s non-judgmental and enthusiastic approach makes mixed media art journaling accessible and fun. Writing exercises are featured alongside art journal ideas. Learn to trust the art journaling process and master mixed media techniques along the way.

In the Journal Spilling eBook You’ll Learn:

  • 25 mixed media techniques incorporating watercolor, resist, ink, transfers & more
  • How to make an art journal bit by bit with micromovements & easy exercises
  • Writing exercises for sparking new sources of inspiration

A Word From the Author:

"In Journal Spilling, you will find techniques, prompts and encouragement. Pick and choose between the techniques, enjoy them, use and abuse them, make notes right there in the margins—what you learn and what may work better for you. Make good use of the time guidelines; they are in place to help you find the time to journal. There has been much written over the past several years about using the word "artist" or "writer" to describe yourself. To me, those words imply a "what" rather than a "who. "I’m going to suggest that you leave the labels out and simply be a person who enjoys making art and writing. Quite simply, you don’t need to be an "artist" to be an art-maker. Please bear in mind that learning to spill takes a bit of time and trust. It may not happen the first time you sit at your desk or in your comfy chair. Give yourself the gift of time to learn about trusting the process; it’s a matter of practice." — Diana Trout

Check Out This Excerpt From Journal Spilling:

Lean Into Trust
Now, we all know that we are supposed to play and not be afraid to experiment and trust in the process. Sounds like a lot of pressure to me. I don’t know about you, but growing up in the ’60s with a houseful of kids didn’t really set me up to make a big mess and not worry about it. So let’s take it slow.

Have you felt apprehensive about getting started in the art-journal process? What is the biggest issue for you, underneath the cost of supplies and the time it all takes (insert personal whine right here)? When you come right down to it, I bet it’s trust and that darned white page. It’s difficult to get over it by telling yourself that’s what you need to do.

Think about this quote from Pablo Picasso: "Every act of creation is first an act of destruction." Wow. To create artwork on a journal page, you must first destroy the perfection of that white page. Just think about it though. What would make you stop and look? A blank piece of paper or a paper filled with words and images (even if those images are a bit messy and not exactly what the artist/writer intended) ?

Give yourself time to build trust or to "lean into it." Let yourself slowly lean a bit further each time you pull out your journal.

Check out this free excerpt from Journal Spilling: How to Create Your First Watercolor Paint Journal Page!

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SKU W1900
Author/Speaker/Editor Diana Trout
File/Trim Size 52 MB
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Format eBook
ISBN 13 9781440314629
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