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Julie Gilbert Pollard Unleashed Ultimate Collection

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Unleash your painting skills with the help of Julie Gilbert Pollard!

Tap into your true watercolor and acrylic potential with this exclusive kit! Discover how to capture the natural beauty in acrylic landscapes with captivating color and expressive brushwork in Julie's new Acrylic Unleashed DVDs: Painting a Colorful Landscape and Painting a Snowy Landscape.

In addition to painting acrylic landscapes, you'll learn the secrets to mastering watercolor with new and traditional techniques in the Watercolor Unleashed eBook. Practice your skills and explore how to paint reflections in water through Julie's seven fundamentals in Watercolor Unleashed: Reflections in Water, a new PDF download included in this collection! In Julie's third new DVD, Watercolor Unleashed: Painting White Flowers, you will be able to capture the delicacy and beauty in flowers while learning new watercolor skills.

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Learn more about the resources you'll get in this exclusive collection:

Acrylic Unleashed: Painting a Colorful Landscape

Loosen up your landscape painting style while exploring the versatility of acrylic paint. Julie demonstrates how to paint water, trees, and reflections with techniques that are inspired by the transparent nature of watercolor and the opacity and richness of oil paint.

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Acrylic Unleashed: Painting a Snowy Landscape

Watch and learn as Julie creates a snowy creek scene using vital techniques like beginning with an underpainting, creating color harmony, successful color mixing tips, shape making, and how combining lost and found edges for creating colorful and beautiful snowy landscapes.

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Watercolor Unleashed: Painting White Flowers

Capture the delicacy and beauty of white flowers in watercolor. Learn the secrets for painting light, airy washes to capture delicate and translucent petals while creating full depth and movement using rich color in the shadows and backgrounds.

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Watercolor Unleashed: Reflections in Water

Join Julie and learn the 7 Fundamentals of Reflection, plus benefit from step-by-step explanations, illustrations, and descriptions of the different elements involved in painting shadows and reflections on water. Learn how Julie uses transparent acetate to create accurate reflection angles, then learn how to loosen up and paint reflections in a less technical manner once you've mastered the fundamentals.

Watercolor Unleashed

Expand your watercolor painting skills and approach to watercolor in new ways. Learn great traditional watercolor painting techniques as well as tips for achieving a loose, painterly quality. Simple, forgiving techniques means fewer mistakes and more fun results.

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SKU T2406-T2405-T2407-T5122-W7949-BUNDLE

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Incredible Bargain Review by marcie

Julie is my favorite painting instructor, especially in watercolor. Her style is light and loose. Her creations are amazing! I highly recommend this collection!
Thank you Julie!

(Posted on 11/15/2014)

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