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Landscape Drawing Basics with Claudia Nice

By Claudia Nice

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You Will Love This If:

  • You are looking for instruction on creating realistic landscape art
  • You have struggled in creating realistic landscape and need some help improving
  • You are a fan of Claudia Nice
  • You are just getting into drawing and need some tips

Learn to draw realistic landscapes with best-selling author Claudia Nice. Master the difficulties of rocks, mountains, trees, water and more with easy-to-follow technique instructions. Watch detailed demonstrations as Claudia creates landscapes using a variety of textures and techniques like cross hatching and stippling, blending, scribbling, shading and more! Learn to achieve all these components and more in Landscape Drawing Basics with Claudia Nice.

Included in this drawing video:

  • 111 minutes of valuable drawing instruction
  • Step-by-step instruction and demonstration from an experienced artist and educator

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You can also download each chapter from this video individually!

How to Draw Rocks—gritty texture, smooth contours, values, rubbings (18 mins)

How to Draw Hills & Mountainsvaried strokework, smooth contours versus scribble line, how to portray distance, values, easy technique for distant trees (18 mins)

How to Draw Evergreen Treesscribble strokes, loose strokes, linework, contrasts, trick for drawing those branches that come at you, easy technique for distant trees (17 mins)

How to Draw Deciduous Trees—scribble strokes, loose strokes, linework, blending, contrasts (10 mins)

How to Draw Still Water Reflections—tips for creating accurate reflections—what reflects, the color of replections, the direction that objects appear in their reflections, lighting and time-of-day changes, strokework, directional lines, ripples. (16 mins)

How to Draw White Water—loose strokes, scribble strokes, contour lines, light shading (14 mins)


Pencils (Mechanical)

HB, 2B, 4B, 6B


Bristol smooth (or plate) surface


Soft paint brush (to brush away eraser or graphite flakes)

Erasers: kneaded and vinyl

Sand paper (60 grit)




About Claudia Nice

A best-selling author of more than 25 art instruction books and videos, Claudia’s oils, acrylics, watercolors and drawings can be found in private collections nationally and internationally. A self-taught artist, Claudia has traveled the world conducting workshops and seminars, and as a judge at major art competitions.

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SKU GROUP-U9072-U9073
Author/Speaker/Editor Claudia Nice
Runtime 111 minutes
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Landscape Drawing Basics with Claudia Nice DVD

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Landscape Drawing Basics with Claudia Nice

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Create realistic landscapes with the help of best-selling author Claudia Nice! Instantly master several challenging components to landscape drawings like rocks, shrubs, water and more with this drawing guide.

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