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Lee Hammond's Big Book of Drawing

By Lee Hammond

Format: Paperback

SKU# 32741

You’ll Love This Drawing Book If:

  • You love drawing & want a comprehensive guide
  • You’re a beginning artist looking for tips from a professional artist
  • You love trying out new drawing projects

In this comprehensive guide for beginning artists, Lee Hammond shares her favorite drawing projects, tips & techniques for successful drawing. This guide is great for artists just starting their own artistic journey or an artist looking to brush up on basics. Covering drawing in black & white as well as in color, you’ll learn how to draw people, flowers & animals. Enjoy these drawing exercises, and soon you’ll be drawing just like a pro. Few books on drawing are as complete as Lee Hammond’s Big Book of Drawing.

In Lee Hammond’s Big Book of Drawing You’ll Learn:

  • How to draw people in color and in black & white
  • Tips & techniques for drawing animals and flower in both color and black & white
  • The right material and techniques for working with different drawing tools

Check Out The Excerpt From Lee Hammond’s Big Book of Drawing:

Graphing Exercise

You can break down anything you see into the same type of puzzle by placing an acetate grid over a photograph. This technique is also referred to as mapping. You can also copy the photo and draw your grid on the copy. By studying the shapes in each individual box, the image becomes more abstract. You can further your objectivity by turning the photo upside down, which will make it even more unrecognizable.

With your pencil and a ruler, very lightly draw a graph with the sane number of squares on your drawing paper. It is important to draw very lightly, as these lines will need to be erased later on. Use the same size squares as the grid you drew over the photo in order to make your drawing the same size. If you want to make the drawing a bit bigger, simply use larger squares on your drawing paper.

If you draw the shapes in side the boxes accurately, all of the lines will connect properly and create the desired shapes. Be sure to get everything, including shadows and highlights—there areas should be viewed as shapes also.

When you are finished and you’re sure that you have drawn as accurately as possible, gently and carefully remove your grid lines. Do not erase your line drawing! Be sure to save the drawing you create during this exercise for a demonstration later in the book.

A Word From the Author:

"Your ability to make your drawings as polished as the ones in the book may take some time to develop. Don’t worry! The improvements you’ll see immediately in your work will inspire you. Your drawing may not look like mine right away, but they will be realistic than anything you have done before, and that alone will keep you trying!" — Lee Hammond
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SKU 32741
Additional Feature 240 b&w and color illustrations
Author/Speaker/Editor Lee Hammond
File/Trim Size 11 x 8.5
Format Paperback
ISBN 13 9781581804737
Number Of Pages 240

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