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Living The Creative Life

Ideas and Inspirations from Working Artists

By Rice Freeman-Zachery

Format: Paperback

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You’ll Love This Creative Inspiration Book If:

  • You want to incorporate more creativity into your daily life
  • You want to know how you can become an artist
  • You love discovering new sources of inspiration

What is creativity? How can I become a more creative artist? If you’re asking yourself these questions then Living The Creative Life is the perfect book for you. Hear from hand-selected artists from every corner of the creative world as they share their tips & techniques for thinking creatively. Discover new creativity exercises, learn how to brainstorm and try something new with author, Rice Freeman-Zachery.

15 great artists are featured in the pages of Living The Creative Life including art journaler, Linda Woods; mixed media artist, Michael DeMeng; sculptor & mixed media artist, Melissa Zink; collage and assemblist artist, James Michael Star; and even Scott Radke, a puppet maker! Awaken your inner artist, unleash your creative spirit, start a new & exciting artistic journey or learn how to make a personal art journal with these interesting insights from artists that have seen it all. This book is great for artists of all skill levels, experts & beginners will all find new creativity techniques.

In Living The Creative Life You’ll Learn:

  • How to brainstorm new creative & ideas and think in new ways
  • Tips & techniques for starting & maintaining your own art journal
  • How to make your own creative art workspace

A Word From the Author: Rice Freeman-Zachery

"I hand-selected 0teen diverse, proli0c and successful artists to interview in depth for this project. Over the course of several months, I asked them everything I always wanted to know about creativity. The result is this book, a compilation of these artists’ fascinating insights alongside plenty of their inspirational artwork. How do some people fashion these incredibly creative lives that not only let them do what they love to do, but allow them to make a living at it? Maybe it’s a tiny living—but it’s a pretty good one. If you spend every day doing what you love and are still able to keep the lights on and put food on the table, you must be doing something right!" — Traci Bautista

Check Out This Inspirational Suggestion Straight From Living The Creative Life:

Almost every one of the artists mentioned reading as a child. Wendy Hale Davis is no exception. (A wax resist centerfold from her Crescent Star Orient art journal is shown here.) "We didn’t have a TV because Dad was afraid I wouldn’t learn how to read if we had one, " she says. "To make up for this horrible deprivation, he read to me for an hour every night, mostly boys’ adventure books that he’d loved as a child. "

Here are two fun creativity exercises you can try with just a simple visit to your local library.

  • Pick out some books that catch your interest but are not the kind of books you usually read. If you are a mystery buff, try a historical novel. If you typically read novels, try a biography. Ask your friends, or the librarians, for recommendations. Keep notes in your journal about how it feels to read something different, just like taking a new class when you were in school. Record any ideas that surface as you read. A historical novel with detailed descriptions of clothing might spark an idea for artwear. A biography of a molecular physicist might give you an idea for a painting inspired by molecule structures. Read with an open mind.
  • Go to the children’s section of the library and pick out half a dozen books that catch your eye. Or ask the children’s librarian for suggestions. Tell him you’re looking for creative, inspiring books. Take your books home and lie on the floor to read them, with cookies and milk. Make it skim milk if you have to, but don’t skimp on the cookies.
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SKU Z0949
Additional Feature 300 color illustrations
Author/Speaker/Editor Rice Freeman-Zachery
File/Trim Size 8 x 8
Format Paperback
ISBN 13 9781581809947
Number Of Pages 144

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