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Living the Creative Life eBook

Ideas and Inspiration from Working Artists

By Rice Freeman-Zachery

Format: eBook

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You’ll Love This Creative Living eBook If:

  • You are an artist looking for tips on developing a more creative lifestyle
  • You want creative ideas, tips & tricks from experienced professional artists
  • You want to try new creative strategies, techniques & brainstorms you’d find at an expensive artistic retreat workshop

Living the Creative Life features exciting answers to some of the most difficult creative questions. Learn about creativity, ideas and the path of successful artists with page after page of interesting techniques and ideas from author Rice Freeman-Zachery and a group of 15 hand-selected artists. Read along as these well-known, full-time artists share insights and secrets to their success & how to be creative. Hear from art journaler and author, Linda Woods; assemblage mixed media artist and author, Michael DeMeng; New Mexican mixed media artist and bronze sculptor, Melissa Zink; Collage and assemblage artist, James Michael Starr; and Scott Radke, a puppet maker among many others in this downloadable book on creativity.

The convenient PDF format makes downloading this artistic inspiration e-Book a breeze. Now you don’t have to wait to pick up the inspired strategies, unique ways of thinking, images of inspiring art included in this book. Great for artists of all medium and skill levels, Living the Creative Life has advice from artists that have seen it all.

In the Living the Creative Life eBook You’ll Learn:

  • How to overcome artistic challenges with effective creative strategies
  • How to try new things in your artwork with tips from successful artists
  • Creative techniques for awakening your artistic side
A Word From the Author:
"I hand-selected 15 diverse, prolific and successful artists to interview in depth for this project. Over the course of several months, I asked them everything I always wanted to know about creativity. The result is this book, a compilation of these artists’ fascinating insights alongside plenty of their inspirational artwork." — Rice Freeman-Zachery

Check Out This Excerpt From Living the Creative Life:

Encouragement and Experiments
Most of our artists were encouraged, in some way or another, by parents or teachers or the other kids who were quick to recognize real talent in their midst. Sas remembers, "As a kid, I was always making things, writing a neighborhood newspaper, writing letters to foreign pen pals. I was recognized as the ‘class artist’ and generally got approval for being ‘artistic. ’ I knew I was different from the other kids because of my quirky notions, but I felt I was also appreciated for being artistic. People would ask my advice about color, for instance."

Violette says, "I have a vivid memory of finding ‘my people’ when I entered junior high school art class and connected with a group of artsy kids. We were known as the ‘Art Nerds.’ I had finally found my niche and a place of belonging. Much of my spare time and artistic daydreams were spent in the art room connecting with my creative friends, making art and discussing art."

Scott says, "I was encouraged to do art. I was told I was good at it and all that—I think if you encourage any kid to do something from an early age, they might pick it up later in life. I was told, ‘You’re good at this but you’re not so good at that,’ so inevitably I went for what I was told I was good at."

Gail recalls a particular drawing experience from when she was young. "I remember how beautiful a new box of forty-eight Crayola crayons was when you first opened them before they were used. I remember starting at one corner of the paper and making a colored shape. Then I made a border around that shape in a different color. I continued this process until a new shape presented itself, and then I made colored halos around the new shape. I kept doing this until the page was full. It was immensely enjoyable. I wish I could see any of those many drawings today, but they have all disappeared."

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SKU W0798
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