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Mastering Fantasy Art- Drawing Dynamic Characters

People, Poses, Creatures and More

By John Stanko

Format: eBook

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You’ll love this book on drawing fantasy art if:

  • You are want to learn how to draw fantasy characters
  • You are looking for strategies for creating dynamic fictional characters
  • You are having trouble putting your imagination down on paper

Turn your fantasy art into reality with the power of realism! This comprehensive book will guide you to create more accurate, interesting, and unique fantasy characters and landscapes. Start by learning how to work with a model and setting up the right lighting for strong photo references. Use your photo references to create wizards, sorceresses, vampires, elves, dragons, and more. Then apply your new skills to creating complex compositions with multiple characters and stances. With the help of Mastering Fantasy Art you will be able to go beyond your photo references and create original fantasy scenes from your own imagination!

In Mastering Fantasy Art you’ll find:

  • 16 action packed demonstrations with expert advice and strategies
  • Guidance on developing authentic costumes and one-of-a-kind weaponry
  • Instruction on developing your skills in pencil sketches to color work in digital media

A Word from the Author
“My purpose for creating this book is to share my process for creating dynamic characters. It has taken many years, and many failures, to refine my process to where it is now. For those who are new to fantasy art, I hope this book helps you create more successful art by avoiding many of the pitfalls and failures I had to learn the hard way. For those that are more seasoned, I hope this book offers some new, or old but forgotten, methods to add to your creative process.” -John Stanko


About the Author

John Stanko earned his Master of Fine Arts from Virginia Commonwealth in 2005, and is an assistant professor of graphic design at the University of South Florida Saint Petersburg with over fifteen years of teaching experience. He has created hundreds of illustrations for the gaming industry. Some of his projects include Sony Entertainment’s Legends of Norrath, Hasbro's Magic the Gathering, Star Wars Galaxies TCG, Lord of the Rings LCG, Star Wars LCG, Dungeons & Dragons 4E and World of Warcraft TCG. His work has been recognized at both Gen-Con and DragonCon and in 2008 he was nominated for a Chesley award. His work was accepted into the prestigious Spectrum 18, 19, 20: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art. He also created cover art for TOR, ImagineFX and Nightshade Publishing. Visit his website at


SKU U3164
Author/Speaker/Editor John Stanko
File Type PDF
Format eBook
ISBN 13 9781440329630

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