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Masters of Splash Collection

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Discover the best of watercolor with this new collection!

There is a lot to celebrate with the latest volume in the Splash series, Splash 15: Creative Solutions. Over the years, North Light has received thousands of submissions from artists hoping to see their work published in the Splash series. From that group, there are a handful of artists who have continued their art careers and become Artist's Network TV video workshop instructors, informing and inspiring other artists on their creative journeys.

Order your Masters of Splash Collection and celebrate the great work of today's contemporary watercolor artists with the brand-new Splash 15: Creative Solutions book and expert video instruction from featured Splash artists! You'll receive seven Artist's Network TV DVDs in this collection and learn from Mark Mehaffey, Soon Y. Warren, Anne Abgott, Joyce Faulknor, Guy Magallenes, and more!

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Learn more about the resources you'll get in this exclusive collection:

Splash 15: Creative Solutions
Edited by Rachel Rubin Wolf

This book is about capturing the novel approaches, beautiful accidents, and fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants moments that these artists have creatively expressed in their unique visions and anecdotal captions. With 125 color images illustrating watercolor landscapes, urban life, people in motion and a plethora of animals and creatures; discover fresh solutions and ideas for telling your own watercolor stories.

Watercolor Technique for Daring Color
With Anne Abgott

Anne Abgott shares her approach to watercolor painting as she completes a vibrant watercolor painting step-by-step. Learn how to paint water and a sailboat with these exercises and tips. Along the way you'll also learn how to create great colors for your watercolor painting and use techniques such as masking when working with watercolors.

Vibrant Watercolors: Painting Water
With Soon Y. Warren

Soon Warren shares very simple steps to create a complex image-colorful water movement complete with tree and sky reflections on the water. You'll learn how to create the realistic sparkle, depth, and reflections of water using simple watercolor techniques. Follow this expert's process for how to create rich and vibrant colors by layering colors, how to control the water and colors, and use of tools.

Painting Watercolor Flowers: Water Lilies
With Joyce Faulknor and Guy Magallenes

Learn how to paint watercolor flowers like a pro with this fun & educational video lesson. Celebrated watercolorists Guy Magallanes and Joyce Faulknor share their step-by-step tips and tricks for painting water lilies that are vibrant and flowing. Apply these tested watercolor techniques to your own work and watch it bloom before your eyes.

Secrets in Watercolor: The Unifying Wash
With Laurie Humble

Learn how to use what is perhaps your most powerful tool for emphasizing your focal point-the unifying wash. Artist Laurie Humble uses exercises and finished painting examples to show you how to use small- and large-scale washes in your work. Watch demonstrates how these washes can work together to add a depth to your paintings that will immediately make them more realistic and lifelike.

Watercolor Techniques: Wet Glazing
With Jean Pederson

Follow along with Jean Pederson as she teaches wet-in-wet watercolor painting techniques. Learn to create luminous watercolor paintings by layering transparent and opaque paint on a wet surface, plus follow along as Jean demonstrates these techniques in a still-life painting of grapes. Discover the natural characteristics of watercolor and learn how to use them to you advantage while painting on a vertical surface. Explore how to achieve rich and luminous colors by lifting and reapplying colors.

Watercolor Painting on YUPO®: Painting Waterfalls
With Mark Mehaffey

Mark Mehaffey demonstrates how to paint a vibrant waterfall using watercolor techniques on a YUPO® surface. Discover how to work from a limited palette of primary colors in warm and cool tones, along with how to use photo references and value sketches to determine the composition of your painting. Then, find out how to create a smooth midtone over the surface of the synthetic paper without leaving any visible brush strokes, set the foundation of your image and so much more!

Pouring Transparent Watercolor
With Jean Grastorf

Follow along with noted watercolor artist, Jean Grastorf, as she completes a city scene featuring two women from start to finish using her watercolor pouring technique. This video watercolor workshop includes top watercolor tricks & tips all geared toward helping you loosen up your watercolor paintings. Create a lively background that draws in the viewer with transparent color with this watercolor demonstration.

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