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Metal Artist's Workbench, Learn to Use the Jeweler's Saw DVD with Thomas Mann

By Thomas Mann

Format: DVD

SKU# V8108

You’ll Love This Jeweler’s Saw DVD If:

  • You want to learn the basics of working with a jeweler’s saw
  • You love creating jewelry pieces & mixed media pieces & want to learn how to incorporate a jeweler’s saw
  • You want to learn new jeweler’s saw tips visually & at your own pace

This video workshop from Thomas Mann includes everything you need to know about how to use a jeweler’s saw. This DVD lets you work at your own pace and see first-hand the best ways to incorporate a jeweler’s saw into your jewelry or mixed media projects. Learn how to cut metal and plastic and use a bench pin, Thomas Mann covers all the basics.

Metal Artist’s Workbench, Learn to Use the Jeweler’s Saw also covers proper ergonomics and how to saw where you’re at. Thomas Mann shares his favorite tips and comprehensive information for how to work with a jeweler’s saw to create jewelry pieces & other interesting mixed media works.

In the Metal Artist’s Workbench, Learn to Use the Jeweler’s Saw DVD You’ll Learn:

  • Safety tips for using a jeweler’s saw correctly
  • How to select and use the right blade for cutting plastic and metal
  • Top tips such as how to use a bench pin and proper sawing ergonomics

Preview Metal Artist’s Workbench: Learn to Use the Jeweler’s Saw now! Thomas Mann demonstrates how to make that first cut, how to saw-file and how to be “sawin’ wer’ yer’ at.”

Instantly stream the full version of Metal Artist’s Workbench Jeweler’s Saw Projects on your computer at ArtistsNetwork.TV now!

About the Artist: Thomas Mann

Thomas Mann is a former president of the Santa Barbara Art Association and a member of the California Art Club and the Art Guild of Santa Ynez Valle. With more than 30 years of expertise painting & working with metals and plastics, Thomas Mann shares his techniques at great workshops.

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  • 22g brass, bronze, copper or nickel sheet
  • 1/8”  (3mm) acrylic sheet


  • Jeweler’s saw
  • Jeweler’s saw blades (2/0, skip tooth (optional))
  • Flexible-shaft drill
  • Drill bit, 1/16” (2mm)
  • V-slotted bench pin
  • Steel bench block
  • Spring-loaded center punch

Look for Thomas's two new videos from http://ArtistsNetwork.TVcoming soon — Metal Artist’s Workbench, Learn to Use the Jeweler’s Saw and Metal Artist’s Workbench, Jeweler’s Saw Projects (available soon through http://ArtistsNetwork.TV and

SKU V8108
Author/Speaker/Editor Thomas Mann
Format DVD
ISBN 13 9781440323799
Runtime 1 hour, 31 minutes

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