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Metal Clay The Complete Guide eBook

By Jackie Truty

Format: eBook

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You’ll Love This Metal Clay eBook If:

  • You love making your own jewelry and you want to explore metal clay
  • You want step-by-step guidance through fun metal clay projects
  • You are new to metal clay & want a comprehensive guide to working with the medium

Metal clay is a versatile medium that lends itself to a wide range of projects & pieces. In Metal Clay the Complete Guide you'll learn how to make your own metal jewelry pieces step by step along with expert artistan Jackie Truty. These tips & techniques for working with metal clay will help you achieve your own artistic goals (make your own jewelry) and ensure you're safe & effective when working with the material. Troubleshoot common problems and learn about helpful appendices such as ring sizing, gemstone firing times, drying times, kiln firing temperatures and alternative firing methods.

In this exciting eBook you'll be able to download all the same great content found in the print version right to your laptop or desktop. Every eBook comes in a convenient PDF format allowing you browse through each chapter or search easily by keyword. This format also allows you to print out the pages that are of special interest to you. This book is perfect for artists looking to try working with metal clay for the first time or an artist with some experience looking for a truly comprehensive guide. You'll turn to Metal Clay the Complete Guide again and again.

In the Metal Clay the Complete Guide eBook You'll Learn:

  • Tips & techniques for mastering rolling, texturizing, stamping, forming & lids
  • How to make bails, loops, beads and connectors using metal clay
  • How to combine mixing glass, enamel, beads, gemstones and other materials with metal clay

Check Out This Excerpt From the Metal Clay The Complete Guide eBook:

Rolling out clay seems to be such a basic technique that it should need no explanation. But there are tips to perform even this simple procedure.

Whether you're using a piece of PVC pipe or an acrylic roller, a nonstick work surface or a baking sheet, making metal clay into a very flat sheet takes a little experience. Most people want to exert way too much pressure on the roller and press the clay so hard into the work surface that it becomes attached and can't be removed. This is true even with nonstick surfaces.

So, what's the proper way to roll metal clay? Gently and slowly. Lift and turn the piece 90 degrees every couple of rolls. Remember, the goal is to get the piece to the dryer as quickly as possible. This technique serves two purposes: It keeps the piece from sticking to the work surface and makes it easier to roll the piece to an even thickness.

And, don't roll just in the middle of the piece. That creates a thin center and thicker edges — not a flat piece. Flat means flat, not almost flat or mostly flat.

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SKU W2986
Additional Feature 450+ color photos and illustrations
Author/Speaker/Editor Jackie Truty
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ISBN 13 9781440223297
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