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Mosaic Renaissance eBook

Reviving Classic Tile Art with Millefiori

By Laurel Skye

Format: eBook

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You’ll Love This Mosaic Project eBook If:

  • You love the look of tile mosaics but are intimidated by the intricacy
  • You want to learn new mosaic techniques with clear, easy to follow instruction
  • You love making mosaics & want to try something new

Create classic tile art with the great mosaic techniques and tips found in this top eBook from Laurel Skye. In this easily downloadable PDF format you’ll discover everything you need to know about how to make a mosaic tile project. Starting with a helpful introduction to the necessary tools and supplies, Laurel then moves on to basic cutting techniques and interesting millefiori patterns.

Learn how to recreate more than 60 mosaic patterns step-by-step then apply them to the ten mosaic projects. From start to finish you’ll create unique and visually interesting mosaic pieces large and small. Strike out on your own with your new-found mosaic skills and make intriguing pieces that are one-of-a-kind. In addition to the clear photos and instructions you’ll also find a great gallery of completed mosaic pieces to inspire your own creative mind. Start your mosaic adventure today!

In the Mosaic Renaissance eBook You’ll Learn:

  • How to make a light switch plate, wine bottle, decorative skull, mirror, collage & more
  • How to make different simple & more complex millefiore patterns
  • Basic mosaic techniques for working with grout, mastic, priming & cutting

A Word From the Author:

"Let’s talk about starting a project. I like to start by procrastinating. Really. Before I begin, I need to dream or percolate a project into being. There is a lot that can be achieved during that time of not doing anything. That percolating allows you the passive productive time for your vision to form. This is the time when your art starts to express your mood and your personality. This is the start of "it" becoming "you." This is not a cerebral process, it’s a visionary one. Too much thinking and you get "analysis paralysis" and never get anything started. Release some of your need to control the outcome and give yourself permission to make mistakes as you take chances, leaps of faith, change your mind and allow for that element of spontaneous creation to take place. It is often in this junction where the magic happens. Give yourself permission to procrastinate, percolate and dream. It’s all part of the creative process." — Ruth Rae

Check Out This Excerpt From Mosaic Renaissance:

Epoxy versus Epoxy
When it comes to Magic Smooth Epoxy versus Douglas and Sturgess, it can be a great debate: Both are water soluble and nontoxic, and both dry translucent to transparent and have a one-hour working time. The good news is, you don’t have to choose. Both work well for this project, but you should keep in mind how you will use the epoxy before you pick some to try. Here’s a rundown.

Magic Smooth
Magic Smooth, a two-part epoxy, has a thicker viscosity and stays put. I use it mostly to attach background paper to wood (or other background surfaces); and all subsequent layers of paper, fabric, borders and images. This can also be used with metal.

Douglas and Sturgess
Douglas and Sturgess also has a two-part epoxy (hardener #8140 and resin #7828), but it is thinner, more viscous and moves more like liquid. Since it moves and flows so freely and dries clear, this is an excellent choice for spreading over an entire finished collage (prior to setting the glass).

Why not silicone?
When laying in the pieces of glass (see next page), it helps to have a lot of flexibility and slide room to push your pieces around to fit. Silicone grabs too quickly and doesn’t slide as well.

Check Out This Free Excerpt From Mosaic Renaissance: How to Make A Mosaic Tile Bottle!

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