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Objects of Reflection eBook

A Soulful Journey Through Assemblage

By Annie Lockhart

Format: eBook

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You’ll Love This Assemblage Project Book If:

  • You love creating art pieces that are personal and multi-dimensional
  • You want to learn new assemblage techniques from Annie Lockhart
  • You like making mixed media assemblage pieces and want to learn much more

In Objects of Reflection you’ll discover a visual, tactile, dimensional art form that is unique and personal. Each of the assemblage art projects you’ll find here are easy to follow and allow you to explore your own artistic style. With these mixed media techniques featured here, artists of all skill levels can create assemblage sculptures that are fun and visually interesting.

Assemblage creates a visual journal where you can give new life to a variety of objects. Reinvent common objects with these 20 step-by-step assemblage techniques. The gallery of completed projects includes great tips as well as a legend with what each object symbolizes and insights. This eBook allows you to instantly download all these great techniques right to your laptop or desktop. Search the entire book by keyword and bookmark your favorite pages.

In Objects of Reflection You’ll Learn:

  • Tips and techniques for using string, wire, and tape in new, exciting ways
  • How to age objects, add texture with modeling paste and even decoupage
  • How to create a variety of projects from start to finish

Check Out This Excerpt from Objects of Reflection:

OK, dangles, for lack of a better term, describes those combined, smaller elements that add lingering layers and added interest to your work. I use them in every piece that I create in some form or fashion. It’s not that more is more, but for me it helps to create the story with more symbols. They are usually haphazardly concocted with ribbons, torn fabric swatches, twine or waxed linen, then scrunched and bundled in a free-form way. It’s hard to describe exactly how I go about making these—I just try not to make it look too planned or thought out, if that makes any sense! Take a look at the photos for a better understanding of this "dangle" process. When I add elements to these dangles, I usually try to incorporate the use of color, repetition and/or textures.

A Word From the Author:

"The thoughts and experiences that I share here are straight from my heart. They provide little windows into my life’s journey so far. I am always searching for more meaning in my artwork, and in my life. I have found that when I am willing to ask myself what is true for me, my artwork uncovers its authentic message. I have always loved to create little altars, still lifes and vignettes throughout my home and in nature. They have represented reflection and a tangible display of the stories that I have tucked away in my memories. This style of artwork encompasses this same spirit. It is my hope that you will find within these pages challenges, inspiration and insights that will offer new directions for your artwork. It’s within each one of us to challenge ourselves to nourish and trust our own uniqueness. It’s time to embrace your storyteller!" — Annie Lockhart
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SKU Y0859
Author/Speaker/Editor Annie Lockhart
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