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Painters' Guide and Color Manual

By Caroline Jasper

Format: Book

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This book is an information-packed resource for all artists who paint in color. Content cross-references core material from Caroline Jasper's painting and color theory workshops. Complete Caroline Jasper course on color and painting methods. Theory philosophy, exercises, tips, demos, articles, glossary.

The book's color concepts apply to all media. Artists all deal with the same pigments, and often question the relevance of color theory in learning to manage paint colors. All suffer through palettes wrought with muddy color in struggling to bridge the gap between wheel and real color.

Caroline Jasper spins off the color wheel offering insightful strategies for understanding diverse facets inherent in all colors, guiding readers to think about color logically in order to choose and use paints purposefully. She identifies and explains her dual hue palette, along with essential advanced Color Tips. Clearly presented value, intensity, and temperature strategies spell out how to use color to create visual impact and enhance depth illusion.

An important feature is Jasper's concise course in painting on her trademark red ground. Materials suggestions and prep steps lead to painting demonstrations. Her approaches to landscape and water apply to many subjects.

As a bonus, uncut versions of Caroline's articles "I See Red" for American Artist Magazine,"Thirst for Painting Color" for Creative Catalyst's web site, and a demonstration segment from her book, Powercolor - Master Color Concepts for All Media are included.

The artist shares insights into her own color philosophy referencing examples of her work. Many of her Painting Tips, while emphasizing use of oils, have important implications for all painters. A selection of Painting Exercises specify studio practices that the artist has come to rely on.

A Glossary for colorists and painters is included.

  • Wheel Color
  • Color Wheel Theory vs. Pigment Reality
  • Dual Hue Palette
  • Color Bias Reality Check
  • Theory in Practice


  • Solving the Mud Puzzle
  • Mixing
  • Bias
  • Value
  • Black and White
  • Opposite Action
  • Temperature
  • In Depth


  • Materials
  • Prep for Painting
  • Value Study
  • Color Study
  • Painting Sessions - Value, Color,
  • Contrast PAINTING ON RED
  • Color Premise
  • Color Method
  • Practices
  • Color Conclusions                                                                    

         I SEE RED                                                                        

  • Color Premise
  • Color Method
  • Practices
  • Color Conclusions                                                                       

      THIRST FOR PAINTING WATER                                                                        

  • On Color Ground
  • Fat Over Lean
  • Objectvity
  • Important Stuff First
  • Before Overworking
  • Depth Check


  • Studies
  • Color Value Scale
  • Color Value Study
  • Colorless Subject in Color
  • Paint by Temperature
  • Inversion
  • Timed Quickie


SKU W2417
Author/Speaker/Editor Caroline Jasper
Format Book
ISBN 13 9780976759485
Number Of Pages 62

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