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Painting Beautiful Skin Tones With Color & Light

By Chris Saper

Format: Hardcover

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You'll Love This Portrait Painting Book If:

  • You want to accurately portray the skin color of your portrait subject
  • You want to learn exciting new watercolor painting techniques
  • You love learning along with popular painter Grant Fuller
Create lifelike skin tones & learn how to mix the right colors to create the right shade for your subject in Painting Beautiful Skin Tones with Color & Light from Chris Saper. When you master the basic principles & techniques found in the pages of this portrait painting book you’ll be able to accurately recreate the skin tone of your subject in many types of media, including watercolor, oil and pastel. Discover how to paint skin tones that are realistic and authentic. Starting with five essential elements: drawing, value, color, composition and edges then moving on to how light and color can effect how skin tones appear on the canvas.

Follow along with our step-by-step examples at your own pace and improve your own portrait painting skills & approach. With these oil & watercolor painting portaint techniques you can paint almost anyone with accuracy.

In Painting Beautiful Skin Tones with Color & Light You’ll Learn:

  • How to paint the four major skin tone groups & how to refine & define variations
  • How to determine temperature of light and the light color that lights your subject
  • How to paint in direct and indirect sunlight as well as artificial lights as well as highlights of light
  • How to correctly use photographic references when you can’t paint live

Check Out This Excerpt From Painting Beautiful Skin Tones with Color & Light:

While good drawing skills are fundamental to all representational art, they’re most important in portraiture. Strong drawing skills result from patient observation, good training and lots of practice. Good likenesses result from accurately measuring the distane between the features and using value to show volume.

Think of your canvas as the battleground between what your eyes see and what your brain decides it knows. Let the judgement of your eyes prevail. After all, achieving an accurate likeness is an important part of portraiture, one that every portrait painter, living or dead, has spent a lifetime working toward. And though “likeness” is not the primary focus of this book, by studying the lessons in color relationships and improving your skill in redering light and shadow, you will automatically improve your skill in achieving likeness. There are also exellent resources noted in Appendix A that I consider to be especially helpful.

A Word From the Author:

“Painting beautiful skin tones has more to do with understanding color and the way it is affected by light than any other factor. The principles presented here apply to any medium and do not rely on a particular style or technique.

There are no secrets to painting portraits successfully. There are simply a variety of decisions to be made. This book is structured to show you how to make these decisions in a systematic, straightforward way.

By organizing your approach to painting, you will be able to get more consistent results. When something goes wrong, you’ll know why it went wrong and how to fix it. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll free yourself to continue to grow as an artist and to be part of the most joyful work there is.” — Chris Saper

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SKU 31913
Additional Feature 210 color illustrations
Author/Speaker/Editor Chris Saper
File/Trim Size 11 x 8.5
Format Hardcover
ISBN 13 9781581801637
Number Of Pages 128

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Painting Beautiful Skin tones with color and ligh Review by Mary Ruff

I did not think much of the illustrations. Not enough step by step to teach you how to paint with pastels.

(Posted on 7/11/2010)

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