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Painting Flowers A To Z With Sherry Nelson, MDA

By Sherry C. Nelson

Format: Paperback

SKU# 31534

Stop and paint the roses! (And the tulips, and the forget-me-nots, and the pansies, and...)

When it comes to painting flowers, Sherry C. Nelson definitely has a green thumb. In this book, she shares her secrets to painting lovely, realistic looking flowers. Just foll

You’ll Love This Flower Painting Book If:

  • You want to bring your green thumb to the canvas
  • You’re on the hunt for tips & tricks to painting realistic flowers
  • You want to explore your painting skills by painting new types of flowers
In Painting Flowers A to Z, Sherry Nelson covers how to paint the common shapes found in flowers, how to paint overlapping petals and how to capture shadows and highlights. Sherry covers the materials you’ll need and basic techniques for creating floral art of your own. This flower painting book is the key to unlocking your very own painted secret garden. Starting with basic flower painting techniques such as creating textures and common leaf shapes Sherry then let’s you loose painting a range of flowers that truly go from A to Z. From Amaryllis to Zinnias you’ll have the tools you need to create more than 50 blooms.

This book also includes references and color charts for a variety of media including acrylic, watercolor & oil. This must-have flower painting book is great for artists of all skill levels!

In Painting Flowers A to Z With Sherry Nelson You’ll Learn:

  • How to paint ruffled and rolling petals
  • How to connect colors in your floral compositions
  • How to accurately shape a leaf
  • How to master wet-on-dry highlights

Check Out This Exclusive Excerpt from Painting Flowers A to Z With Sherry Nelson!

Form is created within a painted object through value gradations. When something is based with a single value, it appears flat. When it is shaded and then highlighted, it appears to take on dimension. However, dimension only becomes very real when the gradations between the values are so gradual that you can’t see where one value ends and another begins.

Let’s look at some basic concepts behind creating dimension with oil paints. Then we’ll apply what we’ve learned to the fun of flower painting.

Placing Values: When values meet in a hard line, that line “sets” into the surface and is nearly impossible to soften into a gradation. Practice right from the start: lay values side by side in an irregular, interlocking pattern, much like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. This simple concept will be a wonderful help to you in your efforts to achieve good gradation and perfect form.

No matter how carefully you interlock the values as you basecoat, you still must blend between them to create a good gradation. One of the ways of doing this is shown here: blending on the line where the values meet and with the line, not against it, using a bright brush. By blending on the line, you create a third value, which forms a bridge or gradation between the original values.

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SKU 31534
Additional Feature 70 b&w patterns, 570 color images
Author/Speaker/Editor Sherry C. Nelson
File/Trim Size 11 x 8.5
Format Paperback
ISBN 13 9780891349389
Number Of Pages 144

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