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Painting Portraits in Watercolor eBook

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Paint more than just a likeness—capture your subject’s personality in your work

Gain instant access to 40 pages of watercolor instruction! Hone in on portrait painting advice from the experts in this exciting must-have eBook. 

Find out what makes these tops artists’ work so successful.

Dive in to this downloadable guide to:

  • Achieve both accuracy and spontaneity in your portraits.
  • Learn tips for working with mature models.
  • Discover a meld of eastern training and western style in Z. L. Feng’s energetic brushwork.
  • Expand your artistic repertoire—explore new techniques such as combining washes with drybrushed lines.
  • And more!

Instantly access this step-by-step demonstrations included with the articles:

  • Cowboy at Heart by Lori Woodward
  •  Oklahoma Native by Mario Andres Robinson

Download your copy instantly—the Painting Portraits in Watercolor eBook goes directly to your computer—it’s quick and simple. No shipping charges and no wait time! You can create powerful designs right away!

SKU EP5421
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