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Pastel Journal August 2014

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You’ll love this issue of Pastel Journal if:

  • You want to hear about how pastel artists are achieving painting success
  • You want to learn new tips and tricks for painting in pastel
  • You want to hear from the expert artists and editors at Pastel Journal

Get this exciting issue of Pastel Journal--in print or as a download! The August 2014 issue of this trusted pastel painting magazine includes compelling interviews with pastel artists and tips that will boost your painting skills. Learn how to paint seascapes, establish time of day in your works, use tone when underpainting to your advantage, employ everyday tools to aid framing, and more.

Each issue of Pastel Journal is dedicated solely to the exciting and dynamic pastel medium. Within the pages of this leading pastel painting magazine, you can be sure to find trusted pastel painting techniquesand instruction, the latest in the pastel painting community, and so much more.

Highlights in the August 2014 issue of Pastel Journal include:

  • 3 Artists Share How They Paint Coastal Scenery
  • The Feminine Mystique: Capturing the Mood and Beauty of Quiet, Ordinary Moments
  • A Lesson in Light: How to Paint the Sky at Dusk
  • The Creative Rewards of Painting as a Pair

Sand, Surf, Sea, Sky
Three pastel artists—-Glen Maxion, Margaret Farrell Bruno and Rebecca Lloyd--talk technique and tips for painting coastal scenery.
By Beth Williams

Intimate Expressions
Guided by her fascination with the human figure--the female form, in particular--artist Nathalie Picoulet expresses the beauty and tenderness of everyday moments.
By Niall O'Neill

Crank Up the Color
The ebullient color and bold design in Robin Hazard-Bishop's pastels express an infectious sense of joy.
By Carole Katchen

Pattern, Form & Splendor
Robin Sheard Nyikos weaves story and personal meaning into her elaborate still life and figural paintings.
By John A. Parks

Time Passages
Looking to capture that special quality of light in a landscape? Discover some of the secrets for expressing the nuance of a specific time of day.
By Stan Sperlak

Art Matters
Pastels in Boston, plus new books for your pastel reading list.
By Beth Williams

Pastel Pointers
The underlying surface of a pastel has a great effect on outcome, so be sure to consider the tone.
By Richard McKinley

Skill Builders
Find out how some everyday tools from the hardware and beauty supply store can be of help to the at-home framer.
By Chris A. Paschke

Creative Life
When two artists join forces for a painting trip to Australia, they learn a lot about the power of creative camaraderie.
By Brenda Mattson and Lorrie B. Turner

Great Pastels
In a deceptively simple still life, Odilon Redon demonstrates a mastery of color and mood.
By Bill Creevy


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