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Pastel Journal, October 2013

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You’ll love this issue of Pastel Journal if:
• You want to hear about how pastel artists are achieving painting success
• You want to learn new tips and tricks for painting in pastel
• You want to hear from the expert artists and editors at Pastel Journal

Get this exciting issue of Pastel Journal--in print or as a download! The October 2013 issue of this trusted pastel painting magazine includes compelling interviews with pastel artists and tips that will boost your painting skills. Learn about landscape artists inspired by their surroundings, creative relief for artist's block, and more from artists and our experienced staff.

Each issue of Pastel Journal is dedicated solely to the exciting and dynamic pastel medium. Within the pages of this top pastel painting magazine, you can be sure to find trusted pastel painting techniquesand instruction, the latest in the pastel painting community and so much more.

Highlights in the October 2013 issue of Pastel Journal include:
• A Crash Course in Composition: 11 Tips for Designing Better Paintings
• Degas, Renoir, & Poetic Pastels: The Cincinnati Art Museum Celebrates Pastel Ingenuity
• Portrait Palettes: 6 Setups for a Variety of Skin Tones

Degas, Renoir, & Poetic Pastels
Revisit one of the turning points in the history of pastels and relish six of the era's pivotal paintings done in the medium.
By Esther Bell

On the Move
English artist Patrick Cullen takes his pastel kit on the road to paint the romantic landscapes of southern Europe.
By Ken Gofton

Renaissance Woman
A series of costumed portraits sets a new, exciting path for pastelist Rita Kirkman.
By Sarah A. Strickley

Feeling the Landscape
California artist Gerald Rahm captures the inspiring diversity of his local landscape in striking and painterly pastels.
By Michelle Taute

Above the Fold
The highly realistic work of Polish-German Maria Malczewska-Bernhardt provokes both wonder and contemplation.
By Kai Artinger

Making a Scene
The art of composition can be complicated. This overview of design principles clarifies some key considerations.
By Margot Schulzke

Art Matters
How a four-day convention can enhance your art.
By Anne Hevener

Creative Life
Some artists are travel painters, while others travel to observe, absorb, contemplate and, maybe, eventually, paint the experience.
By Colette Odya Smith

Skill Builders
Any painter of figures becomes a painter of skin tones. Here, a portrait pro shares six palettes for a full range of skin types.
by Alain J. Picard

Get the story behind Mike Barret Kolasinki's landscape, one of the award-winning works at the 2013 PastelWorld Exhibition.
By Anne Hevener

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