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Pastel Journal, October 2014


You’ll love this issue of Pastel Journal if:
• You want to hear about how pastel artists are achieving painting success
• You want to learn new pastel painting tips and techniques
• You want to hear from the expert artists and editors at Pastel Journal

Get this exciting issue of Pastel Journal--in print or as a download! The October 2014 issue of this trusted pastel painting magazine includes compelling interviews with pastel artists and tips that will boost your painting skills. Learn how to create your own unique surface treatments and underpaintings; add shimmering effects with metallic pastels; paint large-scale works; develop a series of paintings; and more.

Each issue of Pastel Journal is dedicated solely to the exciting and dynamic pastel medium. Within the pages of this leading pastel painting magazine, you can be sure to find trusted pastel painting techniques and instruction, the latest in the pastel painting community, and so much more.

Highlights in the October 2014 issue of Pastel Journal include:
• Think Big: Best Practices for Painting Larger-Than-Life Pastels
• Creative Beginnings: Start Your Next Painting With a Unique Treatment
• Create Shimmering Effects With Metallic Pastels
Creative Beginnings
A unique surface or ground may prove just the thing to inspire your next pastel. Artists Jeanine Allen, Paul Murray and Susan Grinels share three examples.
By Beth Williams

The Wider View
A move to the countryside allowed English artist Sarah Bee to mine a whole new landscape filled with color, texture and light.
By Ken Gofton

The Fine Art of Repetition
Israeli artist Yael Maimon is energized by working in series, a practice that allows for a focused examination of a subject.
By Michelle Taute

Drawn to the West
A special connection to nature and the western environment, in particular, are the main drivers for the creative explorations of Texas artist Denise LaRue Mahlke.
By Tamera Lenze Muente

Into the Light
In addition to soft, painterly florals, artist Mary Aslin paints grand, large-scale figures. Learn how in her step-by-step demonstrations.
By Robert K. Carsten

Art Matters
A celebration of pastel in Taiwan, plus a creative app for downtime.
By Beth Williams

Skill Builders
Choose from three inventive ideas—-sumi ink, gouache and pan-format pastels—-to create your next underpainting.
By Enid Wood

Working Artist
Two Florida artists operate their own gallery—-a place to sell and showcase their pastels.
By Robert K. Carsten

Artist's Test Kitchen
Add shimmering color to your work using a new line of PanPastel metallics.
By Michael Chesley Johnson

Great Pastels
A portrait by French Symbolist Lucien Levy-Dhurmer projects an air of mystery and intrigue.
By Niall O'Neill


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Pastel Journal, October 2014

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Pastel Journal, October 2014

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