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Pastel Pointers

By Richard McKinley

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You'll Love this Pastel Painting Book If:

  • You want to learn what pastel tools & materials to use for great pastel results
  • You want to learn about composition & pastel landscape elements from an expert artist
  • You want tips for framing & preparing for gallery shows in addition to pastel painting tips
Pastel Pointers compiles all the best of Richard McKinley's Pastel Pointers blog and Pastel Journal columns into one great pastel painting book. Pick up great new tips & tricks for creating pastel paintings in this top selling art book. Each chapter covers a fundamental of pastel painting such as color, finishes, composition & landscape elements. There is even a chapter dedicated completely to the business of pastels with tips & tricks for framing, shipping, preparing for gallery shows and representing yourself with a professional manner in the art world.

If you're a beginner pastel artist looking to get guidance from an expert artist or an experienced painter looking to explore new pastel possibilities, this pastel painting book has something for you!

In Pastel Pointers You'll Learn:

  • The answers to frequently asked pastel questions
  • How to lay out your palette, create an underpainting & create luminous effects
  • Tips & tricks for plein air painting, working in a series and keeping a painting journal
This best selling pastel painting book also includes a 21 minute bonus DVD from author & expert artist, Richard McKinley!

About the Author: Richard McKinley

Richard McKinley has been a professional artist for 38 years and has more than 35 years of teaching experience. He writes a weekly blog for The Pastel Journal titled Pastel Pointers that has appeared on since 2007, and he's written for the periodical since 2003. He's taught and participated in national and international workshops for more than 30 years. His work is shown in several national galleries, and he is an Artist Member of the Salmagundi Club of NYC and a Signature Member and 2010 Hall of Fame inductee of the Pastel Society of America.

Watch now as Richard McKinley opens up the pages of Pastel Pointers and gives you some take-home tips along the way!

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Check out This Exclusive Excerpt From Pastel Pointers:

In the studio, it's much easier to set up large areas for pastels and have a variety of sticks at arm's reach, but in the field a painter has to travel light. Fortunately, there are pastel travel palettes available that make this much easier. I've had a good experience with pastel cases from both Heilman Designs and Dakota Art Pastels. Both companies offer wooden cases in a range of sizes that make travel much more efficient. The cases open like a briefcase to provide storage on both sides, which allows for easy arrangements of the individual pastels.

For travel I find it's best to mix brands to create a working palette. Mine consists of harder pastel brands weighted towards the darker, neutral areas of the palette, along with softer, buttery pastels that fill in the lighter bright area.

My palettes, both in the studio and field, have become a natural extension of my mind, eye and arm. By using a consistent arrangement, I never have to second-guess what I'm looking for; my hand simply goes to the right area of the palette, which frees me to concentrate on the mental chess game of painting the picture.

Regardless of which brands you eventually commit to, it's paramount to have a systematic arrangement. If your palette is arranged differently for field painting, you'll find your concentration broken as you hunt for that specific hue or value.

What Other Artist's Are Saying:

"Richard McKinley's passion for teaching is fantastic. He demonstrates all of the techniques that he employs in painting from beginning to end, in an easy to understand and follow along format for your own success in pastel painting. His teaching style stresses that you paint in your own style and explore new ways to improve your artwork. There is a section about how to professionally frame your finished artwork." — L. Hipple
Additional Feature 115 color illustrations
Author/Speaker/Editor Richard McKinley
File/Trim Size 10.875 x 8.25
ISBN 13 9781440308390
Number Of Pages 128
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