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Pastel Techniques for Painterly Portraits

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Get ready to paint beautiful, luminous pastel portraits with Alain Picard’s painterly approach. In this pastel painting workshop, you’ll learn how to paint the portrait of a young girl using a loose approach inspired by master portraitists such as Sorolla. You’ll learn how to work from a photographic reference to create the composition and use layers of color to build up the face and background, starting with simplified shapes. You’ll learn how to match the colors of the skin, both the true colors and highlight and shadows created by the lighting of the setting, and how to convey curly hair without drawing each strand individually. Finally, you’ll learn how to build up the features of eyes, nose and mouth and add in final details to give the portrait that sense of life.

Preview Pastel Techniques for Painterly Portraits with Alain Picard here now!

SKU GROUP-U7223-U7224
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Video Download: Pastel Techniques for Painterly Portraits
Pastel Techniques for Painterly Portraits With Alain Picard

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