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Pebeo Fine Art Oil Set with Wood Case

Format: Art Supplies


Pebeo takes care to make up its sets by choosing the colors and tools that an artist needs to try or master any painting medium. Get a snazzy wood case of 12 assorted 20 ml tubes, 1 rectified turpentine, 1 painting medium, 2 brushes, 1 painting knife, 1 palette, 1 guide. Go Monet up.



Rectified Turpentine:  This volatile oil obtained by distillation of the resin from certain varieties of pine, has a matte finish less pronounced than petroleum oil. It is used to dissolve the top layers of colours, properly reduce the consistency and improve the flow of artist's oil colors.  

Knife: For those who want to work with paint in depth, a Pebeo painting knife - otherwise known as spatula - are essential tools, they are also suitable for mixing paints or scraping the medium on a painting surface. Long or short, broad or narrow, their springy blades in traditional shapes or comb-edged, symmetrical or asymmetrical, their unbevelled edges all open the way to any effect that you choose!

Painting Medium: Can be referred to as the pain or a substance used to bind pigments in paint and/or change the consistency of the paint.  In oil paints, it's a natural oil such as poppy.  Medium's are also known as a "base" or a "vehicle". 


Format Art Supplies

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Customer Reviews

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Lovely presentation Review by janet

It's really a nifty little box containing everything you need. I ordered 2 boxes I for my self and one for a gift .
Box 1: rectified turpentine bottle had popped and messed everywhere so I opened box 2 to inspect
Box 2 : no rectified turpentine at all
Spoilt a really great gift and concept maybe use glass bottles in future as could be that the turpentine melted the plastic bottles

(Posted on 1/9/2014)

I haven't used it yet, because I have to get some turp. Review by Elaine

Everything looks fine except the rectified turpentine exploded in the mail and took the finish off the wood palette and the paint off the brushes and stuck the bristles together. I can hardly wait to get to an art store to get some turpentine and get started.

(Posted on 1/6/2014)

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