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Pipette Flower Doodles CraftAble Download

By Traci Bautista

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Markers, pens and colored pencils aren't the only tools you can use to doodle. This CraftAble will open your eyes to the possibilities by showing you how to doodle with an unusual tool: the plastic pipette. Simply fill the pipette with India or sumi ink, place the tip to the page and squeeze it gently as you glide it across the surface. Once the ink doodle is dry, it's time to go wild! Use watercolor paint or oil pastels to add lots of color and depth. Create layers of texture and interest with collage elements, such as bleeding tissue paper or hand-painted construction paper. Make your marks freely and without too much thought; a random, spontaneous approach can yield some surprising results!

Don't just limit this technique to the floral doodles that follow. You can adapt the pipette doodling technique to many other pieces. Try doodling trees, birds or abstract shapes with the pipette. Gather inspiration from photos you've taken or imagery from magazines. Use the properties of the wet ink to your advantage: before the ink dries, pick up the page and allow the wet ink to travel around, creating spontaneous marks and drips. Remember, your doodles are limited only by your own imagination! If you can't get enough of Traci Bautista's vibrant colors and signature doodling style, check out Doodles Unleashed. You'll discover over 60 techniques for doodling, painting, scribbling, collaging and making your mark in new, unique ways!

SKU V7157
Author/Speaker/Editor Traci Bautista
File Type PDF
Format Download

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