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Plexi Class

Cutting-Edge Projects In Plastic

By Tonia Davenport

Format: Paperback

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You'll Love This Plexiglas Art Book If:

  • You love learning how to make jewelry and want to explore a new medium
  • You love working with Plexiglas and want to explore jewelry making
  • You’re an adventurous mixed media artist
Get creative with this jewelry & accessory craft book from Tonia Davenport. Learn exciting techniques for working with plexiglass to create beautiful & fun pieces. In this Plexiglas crafting book you’ll learn how to cut, distress, drill and smooth Plexiglas. You’ll also learn how to give all your Plexiglas your own flair & accents such as decorative paper, fabric, beads and wires. This Plexiglas book also features projects with other accessories including hairpins, belts, purses, and even picture frames!

Make plexiglas earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces with these basic & intermediate crafting techniques. This book includes 25 step-by-step projects so you can dive right into creating. Use acrylic sheeting, clear vinyl and shrink plastic in a variety of styles.

In Plexi Class You’ll Learn:

  • Precision cutting Plexiglas techniques
  • How to distress Plexiglas and smooth Plexiglas edges
  • How to create exciting jewelry pieces & accessories using Plexigas

Check Out This Excerpt From Plexi Class:

Cutting Sheets If you are new to cutting Plexiglas, start with a thickness no larger than 1/16th (2mm) to make breaking easier.

1. Measure and mark Plexiglas
Measure and mark where you want to cut the Plexiglas. Permanent marker works best because it doesn’t smear, and you don’t need to worry about the permanence since at this stage you are marking on the clear protective cover that will be peeled off later.

2. Line up score line
Lay a metal, cork-backed straightedge over the marks, and firmly press your plastic cutter right up against the straightedge.

3. Score marked line
Using the straightedge as a guide, score the same spot a few times until you have established a deep groove. Then continue to score the line until you’ve scored it a total of about 5 times.

4. Break Plexiglas along scored line
Line up the score line with the edge of a table, press the Plexiglas firmly onto the surface with one hand, and break it cleanly along the score line with the other.

5. Cut protective cover
Bend the Plexiglas back the other way to slightly stretch the protective cover across the gap. Cut the protective cover apart.

A Word From the Author:

“I was not very well versed in the discipline of jewelry making until I started playing around with Plexiglas. Now, I think it will be quite some time until I’ll be able to give it up. As a result of my experimentation, most of the projects in this book center around adornment – but I couldn’t resist using it for other things, such as the box purse (see page 94), hair accessories (see pages 70-76) and even a nightlight (see page 120). Then of course, there’s one of the best reasons for using Plexiglas – the reason I was aware of its seductive properties in the first place – for creative framing solutions (see pages 110 and 114 for two of my favorite examples). And despite the title of this book, I didn’t limit myself to just Plexiglas – I broadened the reach of these projects to include other types of plastics, as well, such as shrink plastic and vinyl.” — Tonia Davenport
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SKU Z1753
Additional Feature 20 Black & White photos 300 color photos
Author/Speaker/Editor Tonia Davenport
File/Trim Size 8.25 x 10.875
Format Paperback
ISBN 13 9781600610615
Number Of Pages 128

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