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By Caroline Jasper

Format: Book

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What every artist needs to know about color. Real vs. wheel color, theory evolution, color use through history, mixing management, psychology, physics, optics, paint properties and manufacturing. Ten artists' demos in various media/subject/style.

   Author, Caroline Jasper:

"As a student, artist, and teacher, it seems forever that I have been looking for a comprehensive book about color. The important things I have read about color come from many different books, each having a narrow focus. Some discuss only color theory or mixing, others are about one artist, or one medium, or deal with color as a minor facet of broad topics such as art history or psychology.

When I imagined this book,I knew I wanted it to be the one-stop learning tool I always hoped to find. It would offer aspects of what fascinates and frustrates artists about color, mindful of the importance of concept over technique. And, since important works of art spring from originality, it would be both for and against color theory, assembled not for the purpose of setting out rules, but for clarification toward greater understanding and ultimately improved use of color.

Works and words from contributing artists, Robert Burridge, Jeanne Carbonetti, Sean Dye, Bill James, Abby Lammers, Tom Lynch, Thomas Nash, Camille Prezwodek, and Kitty Wallis, enrich and enlighten its pages."                                                                         


  • Introduction - Finding Your Own Way
  • Chapter One - WHAT IS COLOR? •Art and Science in Your Eye •Psycolorgy: Seeing What You Think •In the Studio: Tom Lynch; Kitty Wallace
  • Chapter Two - MEDIA MELANGE •Color Concoctions •Manufacturing Makeovers •Label Language •Liquid and Solid Colors •In the Studio: Bill James; Sean Dye
  • Chapter Three - CHROMA CHRONICLES •Color According to Academics •Color According to Artists •Color Motivations •In the Studio: Jeanne Carbonetti; Thomas Nash
  • Chapter Four - COLOR WHEEL CONFESSIONS •Common Color Schemes •Conflict Resolution •Pigment Puzzles •Achroma •Palette Priorities •In the Studio: Abby Lammers; Camille Przewodek
  • Chapter Five - COLORS IN CONTRAST •Value •Temperature •Intensity •Context Contrasts •Size Matters •Theories in Relativity •In the Studio: Robert Burridge; Caroline Jasper
SKU 23258
Author/Speaker/Editor Caroline Jasper
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Format Book
ISBN 13 9780823042609
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