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Radiant Oils

Format: Book

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You'll Love This Painting Book If:

  • You love giving your oil paintings a luminescent quality
  • You want to take your oil painting to a new level
  • You want your oil paintings to have a stained glass quality
Chosen as an Artist to Watch in the May 2011 issue of Southwest Art Magazine, Arleta Pech is an experienced artist & instructor dedicated to helping artists of all skill levels take their oil painting to the next level. In Radiant Oils, Arleta Pech takes you step-by-step through oil painting demonstrations showing you tips & tricks that give your oil paintings a transparent quality

Radiant Oils includes 10 mini demonstrations and 3 extended painting demos all to teach you how to attain a great glow. Learn how to mix colors, create backgrounds, preserve edges & establish forms in Radiant Oils!

In Radiant Oils You'll Learn:

  • How to mix background colors that provide a solid foundation to your oil painting
  • The brush cleaning techniques that will keep your colors clear
  • Great wet-into-wet oil painting techniques

A Word From the Author:

This book is about my passion for luminous color and the process or working with transparent oils. It's also a great resource for watercolor artists transitioning to oil, or for oil artists who want to explore the beauty of glazing with transparent colors. This style of painting is called transparent gazing, it is completely transparent with the only what of the board of canvas to reflect the colors. If you love realism and luminous color, this book will teach you how to use transparent colors to create paintings that will glow." —Arleta Pech

Check Out This Exclusive Sample From Radiant Oils:

Mixing Background Paint: Use a palette knife to mix your neutral or semineutral background colors with a small amount of medium to help it dry faster. Mediums are also great for thinning paint into a lighter, more workable value. MY favorite medium is Walnut Alkyd Medium by M. Graham & Co. It's an environmentally friendly alternative to typical solvents.

What Other Artist's Are Saying:

"One of the Best books I have purchased !! This Artist is so very good !!! A must have book of illustration and techniques for any Artist." — Angela Klein

"The book of RADIANT OILS displays the beauty of art. The artist shows her love of art.This book is a must for a beginner or someone who wants to improve their painting." — Iva

SKU GROUP-Z2675-U5567
Format Book
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Customer Reviews

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A great book for everyone Review by Carole

I recently purchased this book for my library. The artist makes it all look so simply, and her art is magnificent. My fingers are already itching to start painting right away.

(Posted on 6/15/2014)

A must-have book for the oil painter! Review by lili

Being a self-taught artist, I was hesitant to buy this book. I thought paintings that beautiful must be terribly difficult to achieve. However, the artist/author has gone into great detail to describe everything in clear terms. She begins with listing and explaining what brushes and paints she uses and discusses the need for very detailed sketching before the painting is started. The way her glazes gradually make the painting start to glow is absolutely incredible. Not only is everything she teaches very easy to understand: it is actually FUN and is very rewarding as the painting progresses. I find myself picking up the book just to look at her paintings and somehow always find something new I hadn't noticed before. This book is full of "aha" moments. I shared with my artist friends at our weekly meeting and everyone was raving about it.

(Posted on 10/5/2013)

2 Item(s)

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