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Richard Schmid Alla Prima II Deluxe Kit

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If you haven’t ordered Richard Schmid’s new, updated Alla Prima II, this complete collection is a must-have! It includes Alla Prima II: Expanded Edition, the brand-new Alla Prima II Companion book, an exclusive PDF of Richard’s palette, two Rosemary paintbrushes exclusive to this collection, and a sample of Rembrandt® paints that emulate Richard’s palette.

Order today and save on this complete collection of Richard Schmid’s Alla Prima painting resources and supplies!

Already have your copy of Alla Prima II? Order the Richard Schmid Alla Prima II Companion kit today.

Learn more about each item included in this exclusive collection:

Alla Prima II - Expanded Edition
Everything I Know About Painting, and More
By Richard Schmid

Alla Prima II is packed full with knowledge for painters of all mediums. This comprehensive book has increased in size one-third from the original Alla Prima. With fine-tuning and detailed clarification from the first edition, this book will teach you all you need to know about painting from classical educated and lifelong teacher and painter Richard Schmid. Learn the crucial theory and technique behind painting as Richard emphasizes Alla Prima, or Direct, painting systems. Dive deep into color, value, composition, and more in fascinating detail with historical background references.

Alla Prima II Companion
Richard Schmid’s Materials, Tools and Techniques
By Katie Swatland

Join Katie Swatland and Richard Schmid in this exploration of all the nuances of creating successful paintings. You’ll learn the importance of a quality working surface and how to customize it to suit your needs, and the demands of your subjects. Explore how to handle pigment washes to achieve color harmony in your paintings. Understand the considerations involved in choosing a palette, and discover ways to create and maintain it to ensure clean, beautiful color. Read about brushes and brushwork exercises you can practice to assist in achieving mastery over them. You’ll find this and much more in the much-anticipated Alla Prima II Companion book included in this collection.

Richard Schmid Palette Reference

Learn Richard’s preferred palette colors and paint brands—including Winsor & Newton®, Rembrandt®, Gamblin®, Old Holland®, and Lefranc®. Richard discusses the importance of choosing your colors and manufacturers carefully and outlines his decision making process so you will be equipped to do the same. This PDF is exclusive content included for free in this collection, from Richard’s Alla Prima II.

Whiteside Template Bit Rosemary & Co Paintbrushes

Order your collection today and receive two Rosemary Series 279 paintbrushes in sizes 2 and 4. These brushes are specifically selected as a brush that Richard uses in his paintings. Plus, each brush, exclusive to this collection, is embossed with the RICHARD SCHMID MASTERS CHOICE mark of approval.

Routers and Router Tables Rembrandt® Oil Color Trial Set

Put the lessons in the Alla Prima II Companion book to practice and paint along with Richard with this sample set of Rembrandt® oil paints. The set includes 4 tubes of paint, 10 ML each in titanium white, permanent yellow light, permanent red medium, and ultramarine deep.

Hurry – quantities of the Richard Schmid Alla Prima II Deluxe Kit are limited. Order yours while supplies last!

Already have your copy of Alla Prima II? Order the Richard Schmid Alla Prima II Companion kit today.

SKU T6348-T4891-BUNDLE

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