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Robin Hopper Ceramics eBook

By Robin Hopper

Format: eBook

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You’ll Love This Ceramics eBook If:

  • You love ceramic art & are looking for new inspiration and insights
  • You want to hear about the life and art of legendary artist Robin Hopper
  • You want to learn more about the form, surface, function and design of ceramic pieces

In Robin Hopper Ceramics master artist Robin Hopper opens up on his career and life like never before. Read along as Robin shares his insights into the world of ceramics and life as an artist. This intriguing “Best of Guide” includes highlights of and reflections this more than 50+ year calling. Hear from Robin Hopper as his discusses his early life, formative creative moments, and career highlights as well as ceramic form, design, function, development and themes.

Learn the motivation behind his artistry and go along with him on the journey of his life, the catalyst behind much of his work. You’ll find page and page of artistic inspiration in this easily downloadable eBook. Push yourself further in your own ceramic work & learn from the lessons of expert ceramic artist, Robin Hopper.

In the Robin Hopper Ceramics eBook You’ll Learn:

  • Insights and personal reflections from Robin on a more than 50 year career
  • About the design, development and themes behind ceramic art
  • The "hows" and "whys" behind the artistry of Robin Hopper

A Word From the Author:

" So, for what it may be worth, this book is a personal analysis of a life, a living and a lifestyle of one seduced by the charms of clay at an early age. It is about experiences, images, ideas, interpretations, risks and realizations — how seemingly unrelated, or incoherent, life occurrences coalesce to form new and different life. It brings together art practices, theater practices, travel, architecture, pottery, human history, geology, mineralogy, alchemy, zoology, horticulture and gardens. It is the story of my life in clay and the impact of events that shaped where I’ve been and what I’ve done." — Robin Hopper

Check Out This Excerpt From Robin Hopper Ceramics:

For me, the road to paradise has been circuitous but always interesting. Setting an impossible goal or dreaming beyond reality has always been the carrot that keeps this old donkey moving forward. I often wear a T-shirt with credo ‘THINK BIG’ emblazoned across the chest. I have always tried to think of the most stimulating way to live life and do my work. One can always scale back and lessen hopes and expectations in life, but without personal challenge, we seldom live up to our potential. Think of the most that one might achieve. It has always been important for me personally to look for the ultimate in life, research it as thoroughly as possible and go for it!

All of the finest artists I’ve known have been risk takers who have made life a one-of-a-kind affair. It seems to be a perfectly logical thing to do. After all, we are all born unique; how come so many die as clones? In exploring one’s individuality, there is seldom much to lose and usually much to be gained. Challenging life itself with vision can be one of the greatest forms of stimulus to achieving an exciting life and lifestyle. Conservatism rarely makes for excitement! Without vision, it is a gray, monotone world. With vision, life takes on the mysterious, evanescent qualities of a rainbow, sometimes with intense, vibrant hues and other times with gentle, pastel tints, but always with color.

At the time of writing this book, I have been around for 67 years, 63 which have in some way been seriously involved with making things. It has been a great journey, and I have been fortunate indeed with long-term vision, good planning, plus lucky — and occasionally informed — decisions along the way. Much of life can’t be pre-planned, but, where possible, a cogent plan or objective greatly helps identify turning points, decision making and areas of potential or probable success.

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SKU W2968
Additional Feature 300+ color photos and illustrations
Author/Speaker/Editor Robin Hopper
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ISBN 13 9781440223112
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